Monday 14 October 2013

Fabrics, Threads, buttons and ribbons!

Good morning

I have been sorting through my precious stash of vintage goodies, a stock take if you will.  I do however get caught up in the beauty of them.  As I have told you before, going to my thread drawer is never a five minute job! I have to look and touch and re arrange!

Can you imagine when I am looking for just the right vintage carved mother of pearl button..... Well you have not seen what I have, but let me tell you I am very distracted by those shiny lovelies!

Then there are the fabrics and the vintage linens .... Oh dear.  I do in my own mind justify it all, as I do make to sell or I make to keep to make our home beautiful and homely.  In addition to that it is a kind of show case of my work in a way.  I love to design as well and I am going to do some designing this week.  I love to get my art book out; I sketch, put little design notes by them and also make notes of fabrics and buttons that I feel would look good.  It is not written in stone though and I do sometimes change the materials as my design is going along.

I have a very busy week this week and a Wedding Anniversary so I hope you will  forgive me if I am unable to update every day....... It will soon be back to normal.

                    So the above in mind, I found this quote.......

     My husband said if I buy more fabric he will leave me...... I am going to miss him!!

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