Tuesday 22 October 2013


Good morning all!

Today I am talking pumpkins.... I think they are great.

I enjoy eating them in things like pumpkin and apple soup or pumpkin pie or indeed in a muffin.

Also I enjoy decorating with them at this time of year.  I love to carve pumpkins (not sure if its the artist in me or the child..... probably both!) I love making pumpkins from fabrics to decorate around the house and I enjoy cooking with them.

Where we live, lots of us decorate for Halloween as the young children love wandering along, looking for a house that welcomes 'trick or treat ' and some of the costumes are amazing. 

Like America here now, its not about scary costumes but dressing up in general for the children, who think they are out soooo late because its dark.

Last year a little girl about 2 or 3 years old came to our door dressed as a bumble bee...... Oh readers my heart jumped she was so lovely and excited.  It was raining and her head piece that had the bumble antenna on was dripping with water, but she was all smiles with her dad holding her hand and her big brother next to her.  ' hello lady, happy Halloween' ... well I could have given her the entire candy bowl and the toffee apples I had made.

Even if  you do not like Halloween for what ever reason, you must remember like a dog is not just for Christmas...... A pumpkin is not just for Halloween!!

So give it a go, carve one and pop a candle in or make something warming to eat.

Happy stitching, carving or baking !!

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