Monday 7 October 2013

Monday sweet Monday!

Good morning everyone.

Well we had a lovely weekend.  The weather on Sunday for the B B Q was amazing, it was really warm.  Lovely company, exceptional food and some great wines.

Today the world comes down with a bump, except for me I guess because I love my job.  I have some other bits to do this week as well but sewing sweet sewing is the agenda.

I will be joined, probably, by Tibby.  He is the new cat on the block and his owners are despairing as he thinks we are all his Mummy and Daddy!  Tibby lives in the road behind us and thinks that as far as he can see is his home.  If I am in the conservatory sewing he bangs on the door to come in and sit on my lap.  He climbs into my stable door and goes looking for me, and it's not just me! he is not selfish with his love or visiting, No, he spreads his love!  The trouble is not everyone wants a cat curled up on their bed, especially if it is not theirs....... Tibby has been in some trouble on occasions and honestly can not understand why.  Rachel his mum is going about saying sorry to everyone.

Today I will be cutting out some robins for Christmas and also some hand sewing.  Later in the week it will be on the machine to sew up some Christmas stockings.

The sun is shinning here and it's the golden hour of Autumn, I have picked in all my pears from my tree and must do something with them.  I think some bottling time this week would be best spent.  Also some pear and ginger muffins again..... food for my thought!!!!

Whatever you are doing today, have a good one and I will leave you with this little gem!!

 Now that would be great!


  1. Hello Sarah
    lovely day here as well.
    Misty keeps throwing her ball over the wall for me to throw back again.
    She is a very happy little Spaniel, and keeps us on our toes.
    Enjoy your sewing today with Tibby.XXX

  2. Tibby has arrived! oh dear......... :))