Thursday 10 October 2013

The beauty of French knots!

Good morning all

Today I am talking French knots.  It's a wonderful stitch when you have mastered it.. In a flower for example you can vary on thread shade, use several pinks or blues for shading and you then have something wonderful.  It works particularly well with hand dyed threads as they are slightly variegated anyway.

So today on one of my scrap pieces of linen I will have a little practice of what I have in mind.  It pays to do a little practice if it's for a piece of work already under construction.  I hate unpicking and do not like doing it on vintage linen, in case of damage to the fabric.

My love of embroidery is growing and I wish put more on my work, the trouble is the time it takes really.  I of course do not mind the time but the price is higher.  I think its worth it though but as you know I have a love of hand stitched.

It will nearly be time for me to go and get my hand dyed threads from the lovely Quilted Threads in Henniker...... Can you imagine how long I will sort through them and look?

So today let your day be a great one and I hope you enjoy what seems the last of our prolonged summer.

                       Quote of the day................................................

                          Sewing fills my days, not to mention
                          the living room, bedroom and cupboards!



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