Wednesday 16 October 2013

Lazy daisy stitch.

Hello all

I am talking lazy daisy stitch today.  Its very easy and it looks very good.  You can make beautiful flowers with it and always do French knots in the middle.  I know I keep on about variegated threads but it would really work on this stitch.  I was studying a daisy the other day.... now when you pass one by its white with a yellow middle and green stem, but no in the white there is a little pink and light lilac in the petals.  So it goes to show that in petals in general there are little variations of colours.

You can fill a lovely space with this stitch or stitch a basket and fill it with flowers.  I am a slight addict now of embroidery and may well book myself into a course to learn more stitches and there history.

If you are inspired then give it ago, you could brighten up a pillow case or indeed create a picture for your self.

Have a great day whatever is happening.....................

I did not stitch this but isn't it pretty. Only three stitches here, French knot, lazy daisy and running stitch.

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