Friday 4 October 2013

Competition update!

Good morning!

Well as you know, I am running a competition. Anybody who 'JOINS' my blog has a chance of winning a picture that I am currently making.  The competition runs until the beginning of December and then a draw will take place to find the winner of The little house sampler.  The last time I posted pictures of what I was doing it was in the early stages of getting the applique pieces of the house cut out and the positioning done on the vintage linen.

Well so far I have sewn the applique in place.  Then I embroidered details on to the little house.  I have become very fond of this sampler.  I have now drawn the design onto the vintage French linen and have started embroidering the garden and background of the picture. There is still a very long way to go but as promised I have a few snaps of bits of what you can expect.

The Little House! with heart smoke coming from the chimney pot.

 Some pumpkins in the field ready for harvesting.

The out line of a tree, waiting to have more detail sewn in.

The beginnings of the alphabet sewn in place.
There it is, a little of what is in place.  As I have said the artwork sketching on it has been done so I know where things will be going.  I hope you approve so far.  The garden is filled with lovely things and details. I love this picture and have grown very fond of it, but I can not be in the draw!
If you are reading this , and I know by the stats that quite a few are but have not 'joined' then you can not be in the draw as I do not know who you are.  If you are reading this in any part of the world, do not worry I would post it to you, its not just open to my UK readers.
Today then is about stitching some more of the sampler and I think that's all I will concentrate on. The weekend is upon us and we have friends coming round tonight and we are off on Sunday to possibly the last B B Q of the year.  Its going to be sunny on Sunday and fairly decent temperatures, but the friends who are hosting this are fabulous on a grill outside and whatever the weather, I can assure you fun will be had.
Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are doing, and enjoy this beautiful Autumn weather.  I love October, its the month I married my husband and it was a beautiful day weather wise and in every other way.  I have beautiful memories of leaves twirling around in a soft breeze in the New Forest where we married and had a weekend long reception for those who wished to stay.  We did not go on honeymoon until the Monday morning and spent the weekend with others celebrating.....
I will leave you with a quote and hope you have enjoyed looking at The little house sampler so far!
My soul is fed with needle and thread.
Shaker design pin cushions.

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  1. hello sarah
    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! this does look very nice and so pretty, will look forward to seeing the whole finished picture.
    Have a nice day
    Love XXX