Thursday 3 October 2013

The Little house sampler..... update on the competition prize.

Good morning!

Well I am pleased to report that yesterday was a really good day and very productive!

I indeed did my house work ... tick
Wrote my letters..... tick
Post office to send them..... tick
Sat and sewed and spent it all on the little house sampler ...... tick

Only when the light faded, did I stop on my sewing, and went to prepare last nights dinner and do some designing!

Tomorrow I will update some pictures for you to see it.  I have nearly finished the house details and I moved on to draw in all the garden details and the alphabet. Then I  started to embroider some of the garden, I am very pleased with the design of it and it's starting to look as I had hoped it would.

So today I am concentrating on embroidering more of it until it gets too dark to see properly.  I do not like doing intricate pieces by artificial light.  Although a lot of my own stitching is done by candle light and a little lamp by my husband so he can read.

Today is another rainy day but that helps me in my work room, listening to the radio in the background and getting on with the job in hand.

Tomorrow I will up load a picture 'so far' of the little house sampler and I hope you will all agree, its looking very pretty.

                 So my quote for today ..........................................................

                                    Buttons and patches and cold wind blowing.
                                    The days pass quickly when I am sewing!

1 comment:

  1. Sarah
    REALLY looking forward to the pictures of the house sampler.
    Keep up the good work; its dark and wet here too
    have a good dayXX