Wednesday 9 October 2013

Scattering moments!


Do you ever just panic when you see a list you have written?  Well its happened to me.  Short of breathing into a brown paper bag I have been staring at it with terror.

But all is not lost as I gave myself a talking to.  So I have decided that priority is in date order or when things are needed or have to be completed..... Yes calm has hit once again.

I have my hand sewing out for two hours, that is better than a chill pill! and then in order of when needed,  projects have allotted hours of the day and...... its working.

The sun is out but it is cooler here, no matter the conservatory is the place for hand stitching.  I can look out at the birds and the ever changing tree colours and marvel.  I have a coffee ready and that's me for a while.

Whatever you are doing today have a good one and I hope your day is calm too.

                          Quote for the day............................

                         All my scattering moments are taken up with my needle.
                                          Ellen Birdseye Wheaton  .... 1851

Beautiful thoughts........
Trying not to be this.........

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