Monday 28 October 2013

Vintage china

Hello all!

Apart from my sewing items I also sell some vintage china pieces.  I make candles in teacups and vintage soup bowls, with plates and cake plates too.

I sell these in my local coffee shop called Mocha Turtle and of course on my Etsy shop.

I do not make lots of them as a lot of people do make and sell them, but it is a side of my business that is  booming.  The candle teacups sell particularly well, especially this time of year.  When the candle has been used, the recipient will then have a delicate bone china teacup and saucer for their dresser and indeed to have a coffee or tea in, which was its intended use.  I call it the gift that keeps on giving, as indeed the cake plates are hopefully used and loved.

I search for china and normally take my husband on these days out around antique shops and markets as he has a great eye for the unusual; I love finding beautiful exquisite china to work with.

I have to get some more ready for the November Christmas event I am attending.  Once made, the teacups and saucers are wrapped in cellophane with a bow and a hand written tag with what china it is. For example Wedgewood.

So today is candle making day with a few hours of  stitching in between whilst the liquid wax sets.

I hope you all have a great day, whatever you are doing.



  1. What pretty teacups!!
    I just found you via Homemaker magazine! - now your newest follower!
    I find the text hard to read on your blog - or is it just my old eyes??

  2. Hi Gill
    Thank you for joining me! I will look at different text... I choose it as it was pretty, but no good if you are struggling!
    Glad to have you on here. :))