Saturday 5 October 2013

Happy Saturday!

Good morning

I know its a little unusual for me to be here but I thought I would just pop in!

Last night we had some friends round and we had a lovely night.  It was great for the four of us to catch up. Especially for the two husbands who see less of each other.

My husband and I will be going out later this morning to our usual cafĂ©  'Mocha Turtle' in Southbourne and we have some bits to do BUT he would like to watch the Grand Prix qualifying today.......... Yes stitchers that means I will be doing some work on the little house sampler!!

I will have a cheeky two hours to sit and complete a little bit more...

I think I will work on ........ shall I tell you? Ok I will stitch the bee hives or shall I start filling in the trees?  It really does not matter because its just extra lovely stitching time to me.

What ever you are doing with your Saturday I hope you have a great day.

Embroidery is a very personal art, its charm lies in the individuality expressed by its worker.
W. G Paulson Townsend

1 comment:

  1. Hello Sarah
    hope you have managed to do your sittin' and stitchin' and that your husband has not "LIVED" the race from his chair and made you jump and miss a stitch.
    Enjoy your evening.
    Love XX