Friday 25 October 2013

Vintage French linens and designing days!


Vintage linens are one of the favourite tools of my trade and I love to use them as the basis of my work, especially my appliquéd and embroidered pictures as you are all, I am sure, by now aware of.

I have been sorting through my collection to find just the right one for an up and coming project.  They all differ you see, in colour and in the weave.  When I can find them with monograms on, I am delighted.  I try and buy the ones with mine or my husbands initials so that I can cut them off in a lovely square and pop them (at the moment) into the drawer I have dedicated to them.  You see when I get time .... January is normally very slow, I am going to make some cushions for our bed with them as part of the decoration. 

January and February are very quiet months for selling as you can imagine but they are my catch up months and my 'glorious designing all day' months and 'making up samples' months......  You see that I do enjoy what I do, can't you?  I hope that it comes across in my work as well.  There is not a day I get up and think .. Oh I have to sew today or finish that piece or work.  No, not me, I am very lucky to be doing what I do and to enjoy it so much.

I was asked the other day about how I would expand should the need and demand present itself.  Well it is quite simply .... I can not.  I make what I make and that is what is for sale on my Etsy store.  I do take on commissions and did a Wedding sampler last year for a present for the couple.  I enjoyed the whole process.  I was delighted that the couple in question dropped me a line to say how thrilled they were with the picture and what a most beautiful present... How can you hand these things over to other people to stitch.  Did any of the famous painters, I wonder, get others to paint for them?

So today I will end my blog with some great ideas for you all to look at, and the beautiful linens that are out there for you, or me, if I beat you too it :)) to buy.



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