Friday 29 September 2017

Little finds of loveliness ....

Ah Autumn, I love you.
My favourite season and
my cosy friend who returns
loyally each and every year.

Treasure Hunting ... at these kind of events is even more enjoyable some how.  Meeting up with friends old and new and being in the middle of the countryside and alongside Daylesford Farm shop as well it really was such a wonderful pleasurable day as you know.  So what did I purchase, when trying to be good - no easy feat because there was so much wonderful vintage treasure I had to keep pinching myself... Then of course the next day was the West Country Textile Fair and again the fabrics, threads, buttons and French goodies was so unbelievable.  I was good over the weekend believe me but I did come away with some gorgeous treasures that I would like to share with you today.

Daylesford Brocante 

In no particular order here is what I was able to truffle.

Well the first thing I did was go and order some ribbon tags from Rosehip with words on that I would like.  They will be sent through the post to me in a week or so.  You will see them over the next few months in photos on here.  I gave a list of what I would like and discussed fabric colour for the fabric ribbon.  Meeting the maker was indeed a pleasure and it was a lovely while choosing and also looking at her wonderful stall as well.

Then it was off to see Nicholas and Steele for some vintage empherma.  I was hoping for some papers and some bus tickets very old bus tickets and you know what Holly and Steve had both.
I was so happy.  The papers came in bundles with ribbon tied about them and so I picked a bundle that suited my needs and the ribbon I loved the best - had to be done.

Then it was the bus tickets and they were 20p each and came in all sorts of colours so I went through
them all in colour order and picked the colours I liked and thought I would use.  I had such fun doing that and I think it was a great idea so that people could have what they would like.  I will be crafting with these.

Little Wren Vintage a long while was spent here as you know not only shopping but chatting
to great friends.  If I over looked something then Chris might say have a look at this so it was like having another pair of eyes.  Christine was browsing through all the goodies and it was a great time.
So I spotted the dearest little very very old red and white bowl.  I am always looking for things for my desk in my stitchery room to put buttons and such in when I am working and for me as long as it has that function and is beautiful I am happy.  Then there was the matter of some gorgeous Suffolk Puffs all in light lavender/purple colours and to top it off a most lovely timeworn and pre loved piece of old quilt .... Perfect.

From The Old Haberdashery it was some beautiful threads for me and I got five of them. They are now snuggled down in the drawer that they all go in (with a still little bit of room for some more!) and I was very pleased to find these ones.  Sonia was saying to me she had been on the look out for some lovely and different sylko threads and she thought she had found some good ones and I agreed totally.

And my last purchase that day was some fabrics which I bought from Rebecca Shelton-Agar and these were gorgeous.  I loved the colourways and to be honest with you they were all in a basket with others and it was truffle time, and I love that.  I somehow seemed to just pick out these ones which blend perfectly so I am am so very happy.  I pressed them before putting them away and now they are happy and waiting to be chosen later on next year for a design that they can feature in.

As you can see I was extremely restrained given the goodies that were on offer and being good for my trip to America.

In addition we were heading to  The West Country Textile Fair the next day as you know and I wanted to have some spending money there so this is what I purchased last Sunday there.

Firstly I went to see Donna Flower Vintage and had a look around the choice was incredible and it took all of my will power I can tell you.

Baskets of vintage quilt pieces all tied in bundles.  Fabrics neatly pressed and folded just stacked in neat little rows.  A whole little thread shelf with jewel like threads and so so much more if you remember the photos from yesterday.  It was a wonderful choice of so many treasures.  I did take my time and making a little pile of things that I felt I needed to come home with me.

So what did I purchase well some dear little buttons on a card that were blue and so pretty.  They will stay like that and may even in time be framed but I loved them and they were unusual.  Then there were some threads, well look at the colours!! - Some antique quilt pieces which are so very pretty and well paisley .. I ask you.  The light on the photos are not great it is a dull day but you get the general idea of how wonderful all the bits were.  I was just paying when I spotted some threads in their original box and they somehow jumped in to my pile to pay for ... Happy Happy.

The Washer Woman had a very large piece of paisley and I had to bring the darling home with me.  The colours and pattern and well it is getting more and more difficult to buy.  Possibly because I have the world supply but hey there is was on the second day of the fair and it had stayed hidden until I got there at lunchtime!!  Andrew bought a 1920/30's man hat stand and he has it in his man shed to clean and do some repair..... but here is my paisley.

Look at those colours!

Last but not least was Sue of Vintage to Victorian now I had fun with the haberdashery there too.  I bought a few bits as you will see and some never used linen round threads one cream and one red ( not the threads with the peg and ribbon, although they are beautiful too)

Then the full card of linen covered buttons .... treasure!

There was a panel of old linen with red work on it and it was Christmas! I looked at it and thought you need a contrasting border put on you and then you are a Christmas table cloth so that is something I can tackle later ... I just loved it so much.

And that Ladies and Gents was my last weekends haul from the Cotswold's and the West Country vintage fairs.  I was happy with my little purchases and it all fitted into my basket.  I really was a very good girl indeed.

There are no more fairs for me before we fly so I have popped away my bounty and I am very happy.  I think that one the pieces of old quilt might be made into a Christmas present so we will see if I can at least start that before we fly.

I am now looking forward to showing you my vintage goodies and treasure from the American trip but you will have to wait until November when I return, because I have no clue as to what they will be and I have not bought them yet!!....

I hope you have enjoyed a peek at the vintage stitchery goodies today and hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.  All that remains for me to say is Happy Stitching! XX


  1. That Paisley fabric was meant for you......because.......I didn't see it! LOL!

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Ha ha! Morning Julie!
      Yes it was tucked away and I can almost sense Paisley now! I have a inbuilt radar for it!

      Hope you have a lovely weekend.

      Sarah xxxxxx

  2. Oh what lovely bundles of joy. The paisley is a stunner. Love the circle of buttons and the red work cloth, you were very lucky with that one. Xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn I am thrilled with my treasure!

      Sarah xxx

  3. A lovely haul! I would never have even thought to buy old bus tickets! How inspired. I hope you show and tell how you will use them. The Paisley is indeed stunning but I do have a weakness for red work so love that too. Haha, I have an image of you getting the scent of Paisley as you walk up to the door. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Mo xxx

  4. Sarah,
    Love the paisley and love the bus tickets....would love to shop like that...
    Diane xo