Monday 18 September 2017

Dream * Design * Stitch

If you can Dream it 
you can do it !

Words that I live by, except my husband did point out that sometimes I do dream I can fly and these dreams are very real.  I just stand somewhere in a field and do a little bounce and then I am up and soaring over the roof tops and when I want to come down I just seem to stop mid air and point my feet down and land perfectly and lightly.  In my dream my tummy does a little roll ( like when you go over a bump) ...  however these words mean more to me in the design and stitching department ! but I do love his realism, its the job he does and actually the way he is wired in his head and me, well I am the dreamer and he is the dream maker in our marriage and I am extremely lucky.

I had to purchase this little spoon that was hand decorated, it is a vintage silver spoon and the words and the decoration has been put on by a very clever lady, I love this little spoon and the inspiration that it gives me daily.

I have been thinking and jotting down ideas for my design journal in my rough book and this is where I actually doodle and play to see if it makes sense on paper as much as it does in my thoughts.  I see stitching in everything, even a leaf.  I can pick it up and study and before I know it I am thinking how best to portray it in some sewing.  How it would look best, or what medium and if I could embroider it to be a little whimsical but still look like a leaf .... 

Trying at the moment to make a few little bits as gifts as well, actually just sort of cutting out and
designing stage but then they will go in a basket and I can pick them up to stitch because I have it all ready and waiting for me.  I have so many things that I would like to do and finish and start and trying to settle me down at the moment as I am so excited about so many great things that are happening over the next few months that I keep finding myself straying off of what I should be doing.

Every week my sister and I take my mum out for a girl adventure and we always have lunch out with her.  I must tell you the role reversal in all this, we are the ones coaxing her to eat her savoury with the promise of ice cream for after! last week it took ages for her to eat her mac and cheese she chose but when it came to a huge ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce! poof it was gone and what a smile she gave when she was eating it up! I would try and take some hand stitching over and sitting with her but she will not let me do any because she keeps tugging at it bless her.  I am wanting to spend lots of time with her before I go away so trying to have my lunch with her helps her and me...  

My Mum was never a stitcher and she marvels that I am, and when I sit and stitch she thinks it is boring bless her ( I over look that defect in her as she is my Mum - grin. BORING HUH!) She does remember I have been in magazines though and she will recall a Great Grandma of hers that liked to sew ... funny what is remembered and what is forgotten..... she also likes to talk about the fact that I loved playing with my Grandmas button tin.  As soon as I walked in the door I would go find the old quality street tin and the contents would be tipped on the floor and for literally hours I would be sorting and looking and I remember with her, those times with great affection and love.

Still like that today because most weeks I am going through my buttons although basically they are only linen ones or mother of pearl ( strangely those were the ones I loved most as a child too, its the magpie in me!) I could spend hours and hours doing it but have to be a bit strict with myself.  Today I have to go through to find some ( honestly I do need to!) I need little ones that are carved but all different but around the same size so I may be some time : oh what a shame never mind!!!

Still trying to decide on what cross stitch to start as well I have 20 yes 20 patterns to choose from and I need to get stitching one at least so that I can sort out the threads to use and again that can be ready for me to pick up and start.  

As you can see it is what I call a bits and bobs day and so think of me sorting all through everything I need to do and continuing with some work by after lunch I hope.

Hoping you all have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Sounds like a wonderful fun day, can I join you.........
    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Julie wouldn't that be fun! ... yes please!
      Sarah xxxxxx

  2. Lovely blog Sarah. Your Mum is a pudding girl...just like me!
    I had to smile when I saw the photo of the spoon as I have just bought a metal stamping kit and was having a little play with it yesterday. Let me tell you this....stitching is so much easier and requires less swearing. I felt a bit defeated yesterday but just about produced something passable. My aim is to make spoons like the one you have. I will keep trying! Is it a teaspoon? You have inspired me to buy a flower stamp as they look charming among the wobbly words. I'm good at wobbly words lol.
    Love Dawn xxx

  3. Morning Dawn

    How lovely so you will be doing little spoons, yes the flower punch work on it is beautiful and adds to the charm I think.

    It is a little silver teaspoon and it is a tiny one so the work is very intricate. I bought Andrew a silver porridge spoon stamped out as well will send you a photo of that so you can see it ...

    Wobbly words are best I think it looks better, honestly and I am sure you will get the hang of it. It was like the first time I ever did French knots -- I can tell you what a mess but now I do not have to think about it just do it. Practice is the key.

    Do you have a tiny vice - by which I mean to grip your spoons to stay still? LOL

    Anyway would love to see your work when you feel you have mastered it a bit more.
    Most of all enjoy your new found craft ... good luck in finding some wonderful pieces to embellish.

    Sarah XXXX

  4. Thank you. I need to buy a few more pieces of equipment I think. It's not a cheap hobby so I wanted a little play before investing. Watch this space! Xxx

  5. Replies
    1. Diane so do I, I can loose myself in a button tin and the memories flood back to my childhood too. Its such an agreeable way to spend wonderful hours in a day.

      Sarah xx

  6. Oh my goodness, rummaging in an old button tin is one of THE loveliest things to do - heavenly pursuit. Xxx

    1. Mo
      The button tin! What can I say but heavenly pursuit sums it up. Show me a button tin and hours fly by! XX