Friday 22 September 2017

Fabric, buttons, embroidery, list and excitement!

Needles threaded, fabrics sorted,
gorgeous bits and bobs to be added.
The joy of gift making.

It is the Daylesford vintage fair tomorrow, well in point of fact it starts today but we are going tomorrow and of course meeting up with our wonderful friends.  I am gearing up to laugh a huge amount as I always do.  Last month when we met up my tummy hurt from laughing for days ... The best soul food ever in my opinion.

So first thing this morning I was going through my stashes and seeing about anything I would like to purchase or indeed need.  I can tell you I need very little but would like, well that is a little longer list. However I am going to be good and wait to go Stateside so my list is very small indeed.

I will take lots of photos for you all to see and report back on it next week,  Tuesday,  after I have collated all the photos on Monday afternoon, then it will be easier to write my blog for you.

So after my early morning curl up in my chair in my stitchery room cuddled in a quilt and watching the birds outside eating there seeds and fruit ( they get fed first in this house daily) I was sipping my first cup of coffee ( no syrup) and writing my list.  My attention then turned to the gifts I want to make for family members and friends for Christmas presents and I spied some great little bits and bobs in one of my clear boxes stacked at the side of the armoir.... Then it was a case of best not start moving those about so early and wake the household up!!

So after this I am going to go through some of my boxes and gather some little bits up and then get
those all in the basket for gift making.  Then I can really settle down to lots of work later, this is my plan of attack today.  As Coco Chanel said add more red lipstick and attack!

My husband works from home on a Friday, I love Friday's for that reason alone to be perfectly honest with you.  I get to each lunch with someone and he is just there, working, but there.  Commute is no time when he finishes and of course as we are up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to get to Daylesford, well it is lovely to be able to have an early supper too.  He also worked from home on Monday as well which was great, unexpected but really lovely.  We take it turns making warm drinks .. I love it.

I have also decided to do some embroidery on some ribbon again, I enjoyed doing that last year I think it was and I want to stitch some flowers on some very old ribbon.  I have my hoop out ready and thought that was a great thing to do this  up and coming week for a little change and also it is really lovely to have some ready when needed in a design.  It looks so nice when its stitched and then wound around a old peg ready for use.  I have chosen a very pale green colour ribbon and it will be a gorgeous embellishment on a sampler even.

Loving having stock ready and waiting it is so great when some things are done already and little white and lemon daisies over the ribbon or other tiny flowers will go with so many things, even if I end up tying it around a little gift for someone it is lovely to have it in hand.

Enjoyment at the moment is knowing apart from personal items that I want to stitch or gifts my sewing for the next month or so is done.  I will be starting my next years designs when I return from holiday but I will be starting on next years Summer, Autumn and Winter designs so I am well and truly ahead of my game, such a difference to last year and this ...

My wire basket that I keep out with rolls of pretty fabrics in and quilt pieces has got to go away.  I want to empty it and put it all away with the lavender bags around it all .. safely tucked up.  I keep
bits out when I am here for inspiration, photo shoots and of course design.  However when I am not on patrol for the munchers!! and I can not expect my friend to remember to start worrying about it so I am going to put it 'all to bed' and leave the basket empty then when I return I can  have lots of  fun choosing some more bits to pop in there. It will be changed from Summer colours to winter reds ...

There will be things to pop away in my sewing room upon my return, including my gorgeous threads but I have made room for things and I am very pleased.  I am hoping that at the Vintage Emporium in Concord I will find some more amazing carved mother of pearl button and some antique sewing trade cards as well.

It is strange as well because of the English settlers all those many years ago, they came into Strawberry Bank in Portsmouth NH, bringing with them bits from here.  Then you go over on holiday and find something that started its life here and finally returns back to its original home shores .. Always on the look out for the odd gorgeous quilt as well, bears paw would be a find I can tell you, in muted colours it would be a dream of a find.

Anyway that is it for me today as I really must get on.  I am going to make us a warm drink here and get on with my day.  I am looking forward to this weekend and I hope if you are going to Daylesford you will come and say hello.  Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope the weather holds out for us all and you have a great time.  As always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Enjoy your day, and have a safe journey to Daylesford, and have a lovely day there too and hopefully we'll say hello on Sunday........ (I sent an email as to the time I'll be there)

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie
      Thank you I am looking forward to this weekend.
      I got email thank you ... will see you Sunday.

      Sarah xxxxxxxx

  2. Goodness you are so organised Sarah. I do hope you have/ had a lovely time at Daylesford. Enjoy! Mo xxx

    1. Hi Mo

      Not sure about organised but yes we did and will be doing a blog on Tuesday.

      Hope you had a great weekend.

      Sarah xxx