Thursday 14 September 2017

Creative sewing and mixed media, Autumn, Candles and Tea Drinking! - Bliss

Come little leaves said the wind one day
come over the meadows with me and play.
Put on your dresses of red and gold
Summer has gone and the days grow cold.

Soon as the leaves heard the winds loud call
down they came fluttering, one and all.
Over the fields they danced and flew
singing the soft little songs they knew.


Sat here this morning before writing this blog today and sipping my first cup of coffee, sat in my gorgeous chair in my sewing room ( why is it the first cup of tea of coffee of the day is the best ever?) I was watching the leaves swirling in the breeze, I can not help it but it makes me all cosy and happy and content.  The candles had been lit and I was wrapped in a quilt and contemplating my day ahead.

I adore leaves and as you know I will collect some maple leaves and others when I am Stateside and press them firmly in my journal.  I love cutting them from fabric and making acorns from fabrics with real acorn cups, whimsical I know but it pleases me to make them and to use them in my work.  They can be a little fiddly at times but it is so worth the effort as is anything that is handmade.  I know for sure I am an Autumn girl at heart.

These mornings and days ahead are giving me inspiration for the next year ahead in the publication department which always has to be done months in advance.  I am designing and writing down all my ideas to draw upon when it is January and fairly bleak outside, when the leaves have all gone and Jack Frost has come a calling.  Then I can open my journal and I am able to create and be in this special time of year once more: even if it only in my imagination .......

 On the cooking front here have bought several things lately the first is some honeycomb or some call it cinder toffee or hokey pokey .. well I have bought it as treat for crushing up a little and topping ice-cream with.  It is not just the little ones of this family who like it but it is basically sugar so is considered a real treat in this house.  This reminds me Autumn is here because its only this time of year I buy a pack for that purpose.  I think it really great that we only have something once a year -
makes it so special.

The second thing is a slow cooker so that I can make one pot meals in the morning, leave it cooking all day when I am busy and then in the evening when my husband comes home we have our in a bowl meal and a glass of wine and talk about our day.  I will have fun making up or tweaking recipes for this.  Actually there was a third thing a Panini maker because we love a to have half of one each to go with a bowl of homemade soup too ( come back in the slow cooker! - for this too) so I feel that I am getting somewhere on the save time for sewing and creating campaign.  The jury is still out for a cleaner but I think once a week would help me greatly ....

I believe that the clocks are going faster of late, my days whoosh by and I am forever chasing my tail right now.  I know it sounds crazy but I have started making Christmas list - hear me out those of you who are now screeching at your screen reading this!  There is a very good reason for it as when we go Stateside I would like to do a little Christmas shopping and I do not want to purchase bits and then decide who to give them too, SOOOOOOO I thought well write a little list of who we give gifts to and then decide who might like some bits from say Quilted Threads, well there is a couple of candidates in the family I can tell you!  This all saves me going mad and then thinking well I have bought too much or wrongly ... So Christmas list to take with me and then I can refer to it when I am there....  I always finish my Christmas gift shopping in November as I hate doing it in December, preferring just to pick up a little extra if I see it and not run around looking bedraggled and in despair
because that is what I see come December, in faces of people doing that.  Spreading the shopping and gift wrapping etc over a few months works for me.  We do not plan a party a week before the event and hope for the best so why people do it for the biggest world event I do not know.

Lists of lists right now and I am making the trees, and would like to make two more presents as well that will be well received so I am trying to get that done before our holiday.  At the moment I am between seasons and working on Autumn designs which I am loving and then going back to my mixed media Christmas piece as well ... I am as happy as a mud lark!

Well my cup of cinnamon tea is beckoning and today with it I am going to treat myself and have a toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel with it too, yes with butter.  So when I have had that I will wash my buttery fingers and get on with my creative day a head.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and of course as always Happy Stitching ! XX


  1. You are so organised! What is the secret?

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Morning Julie!
      Organised! Me! Not really but I try. Lists and journals are my way of de cluttering my head, that helps me focus. Nothing like a list and ticks as things are done!

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. Morning,
    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is daring to think about CHRISTMAS, Ive even made some purchases. I want to have time to give it all plenty of thought.
    I think I can smell your cinnamon tea and bagel....mmmmmm yum

  3. Ah Dawn we are in the minority but I am a planner and so are you ..
    my bagel was lovely with the tea one day we can have that together!
    Have a great day!

    Sarah xxx

  4. My first visit. And what a beautiful wonderful visit it was! I am one of those last minute December shoppers, lol. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Hello Angi ! Welcome!
      So pleased you liked it and hope you visit often ...
      Join in with your thoughts too.

      Sarah xx

  5. I know, I know! Starting early is the way to go but somehow..... however this year I plan to be more organised because I am retiring (a little early I hasten to add 😂) at the end of October and so I want to have a lovely relaxed Christmas ( I shall I shall I shall). Now all this talk on a previous post about cinnamon bread made me want sone, so that my little treat of a morning. Staying with food - the honeycomb is known as puff candy up here. Now I'm hankering for that! Mo xxx

    1. Morning Mo1

      See I am getting people to plan, Retiring ( early) you must be so excited.

      I am sorry I have got you fancying all these comfort foods, eek now Puff Candy there is one I have not heard before thank you for that. Oh Mo it is good on ice-cream with a little apple and caramel sauce - just saying!

      Cinnamon bread is the way forward for this season and pecan pie .... oh dear now I fancy that!

      Hugs ... Sarah xxxxx

    2. Beyond excited!!!! 😆😆