Thursday 21 September 2017

Seasonal little leaves ...

“The woods transform From green to red.
Small creatures build Their wintry beds.
The radiance of Summer wanes,
displaced by soft September rains.
As spiders spin Their silver webs,
 The ghostly mists Of autumn spread.
The nights are trimmed With candle flames
As autumn's magic Fills my days.”
 Amelia Dashwood.

Leaves of all sizes, shapes, colours and types are filing my mind and I am having such wonderful fun and creative pleasure from making them.  It watching them from my stitchery room window in the light rain and light winds the past few days ... They have captured my imagination and my heart.  I keep thinking of all the gorgeous leaves I will be picking up in Henniker, New Hampshire, especially in the grounds of the Shaker Village ... the most stunning of colours and so many hues of each colour of red, orange, yellow, brown and green.

Of course my adaption for my work purpose is that of whimsical, made with paisleys and paper and watercolours ... My imagination is going into overdrive and I would like to make some to stick into my travel journal along with the real thing.

The picture here is maple leaves I cut out after drawing them and on little acorn leaf to see how it will look.  Then it was time to get the water colours out ....

I had some fun with mixing colours and making them look a little whimsy and colourful yet ragged around the edge and not take away the fact they are made from extremely old French paper with old writing on it so I wanted them to be Autumnal coloured leaves but wishy washy enough to see the
original beauty of the paper beneath and I feel I am getting there nicely.

I got out my baby watercolour palette as it had all the colours that I needed within, so I did not need to get all the tubes out and mix anything more than what was contained in the palette.  I need to do a little more to them but the picture was taken when still wet for the second time to show you.  I am pleased with them ...

Having enormous fun with mixed media work at the moment and of course I am continuing with Monsieur Fat Robin too so whilst things are drying I have things to do.

In addition to this I decided to play further and these will be for my holiday journal to put in some pages, I wanted to make it very visual as well as descriptive of my time.  As you know I want to collect some maple leaves and others with their incredible colours but thought I would pre decorated some of the pages in my journal.  I know I will sketch bits but as I had all the old paper out I decided to play ...

So trying to think of other things Autumnal apart from leaves I sketched out three size pumpkins to paint and also two acorns and an acorn leaf ..

So now it is a case of doing a little water colour magic on them and sticking them in my journal ...

Having had so much fun with antique empherma over the last week or so tomorrow will be back to pure fabrics.  I have so stitching to do and to add to The Robin picture and now its time to add fabrics, buttons and some hand embroidery.  That done I will get on with some making of a few gifts I think.  In addition it is time to finish my Autumn sampler and I have had it pinned up to keep looking at it as I pass by.  I have decided what I feel it needs to finish it so that is on my list to do this week if possible and probably into next week I will see.  These things should never be rushed it is best to make sure you do not spoil something at the last moment with time pressuring yourself.

Having already had two wonderful large coffee's oh and I this morning on the second one I added some pumpkin spice syrup to it.  I only drink black coffee no sugar normally but I decided to treat myself to a little sweetness and it made me all happy and autumnal ... as if I needed any further push in the general direction ....  Its not even October and I am in overload!

So it is time to make a herbal tea.  My desk is set up with what I need to start with today so all that remains for me to say is have a great day whatever you are up to and as always ............

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Well I feel very autumnal now. Such a dreary day here. I love your little water pot but couldn't see what is written on it on my phone. The final quote is lovely.
    I think you should have a look online for some L.M Montgomery quotes, her nature writing is so wonderful. I couldn't believe it the other day when I read that she had committed suicide, so terribly sad. Have you read any of her books other than Anne of GG? The Blue Castle is very good.
    Love Dawn xxx

    1. Hi Dawn

      Thank you so much , no never read any but Anne of GG but will find The Blue Castle!
      So pleased you are enjoying and being inspired.

      Sarah xxx

  2. I just had a look on your fb photo and can see it is a vintage Sainsburys paste pot. Lovely idea x

    1. It is indeed, does the job and look fab!

      Sarah xxxxx

  3. I just loved your little verses, especially the one about letting things go. The leaves look really effective and I'm sure they are even more divine when dry. Also, your idea for decorating your travel journal is a super notion and something to really have fun with. It is really autumnal up her in Scotland and although we have had a bit of rain, it is really sunny, which of course takes the chill out of the air but just illuminates everything else and really shows the lovely reds of the leaves. New England will be lovely. I've only been there during the summer, but so want to visit in the autumn. Hope you had a really creative and fun day. Mo xxx

    1. Hello Mo

      Yes Autumn has arrived here too and the colours this year are really vibrant as well. I am so looking forward to our trip and decided to start a travel journal as we are going to Canada next year so wanted to catalogue it all. I have had such fun sorting the journal for writing and will enjoy at the end of each day just sat writing. I will miss blogging it has become part of me so this will be a log for me to be able to share with you all when I return. I want to remember each and every moment.

      Hope you are well, not long now and you will have lots of creative days yourself ...

      Sarah xxxx

  4. You have just inspired me to get my paintbox out.

    Julie xxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      I am so pleased, let me know what you paint.

      Sarah xxxxx

  5. Beautiful! I have been out today taking snippets of autumn home via photograph and think I will share them in the blog tomorrow. Your leaves and pumpkins look like such fun I may have to make some myself! <3

    1. Hello Nadia

      Autumn has started here in England in earnest hasn't it but we have had warm weather with it. The leaves are changing and walking is a pleasure right now.

      I am glad that I have inspired you to create from old papers.

      Sarah xx