Monday 4 September 2017

Vintage Treasures! from the Bank Holiday fairs.

Little bags of treasure
and not much of it on
the list!  ... Shocker!

Totally happy with all my treasures from the Bank Holiday weekend.  First Wisborough Green on a fabulous hot August day.  Still trying to be a little good because of buying in America later on this year I tried to think about whether it was needed or indeed rare that I may not see it again.  It sort of worked !!

I bought this beautiful 1950's yellow and green flower ribbon and it is just over a metre.  I bought it The Washerwoman fame.  I asked how old it was and they told me the decade.  It is still made today apparently but you know if its the original because of the shading in the yellow flowers and the green leaves.  That is not done on the newer version so that is a little tip for you all if you are on the truffle for something similar.
from Liz and Jack of

My thoughts are to cut the little flowers off singularly and stitch some on to an embroidery to sit along side hand embroidered flowers as well at some point.  Too beautiful to pass up they came home with me.

From Lisa Giles Antiques I bought this most lovely lavender pillow made from extremely old French piece of patchwork .  Believe me when I tell you it smells divine and I love lavender in the rooms not only helps with sleep in the bedrooms but it is disliked by 'munchers'!  It is sat on our bed now happily and when I walk in our room there is the light fragrance in the air which I adore.

Maud of Beyond France had the most gorgeous linen bolsters for our bed.  We have an iron
bed which we both love but when sat up in it reading, sometimes the pillow squash through the bars and it can be a little uncomfortable so with these little lovelies it will help our backs and be comfy sat reading from here on in.  It was just what we had been looking for and being light red and white they are perfect. Reading in bed and comfy also sitting up having a cup of coffee of a weekend now will be heavenly.

There was the most lovely simply sampler that had been stitched by Suzi of Hearts N Kisses and framed in a old glass frame and both myself and my husband loved it so much it came home with us.  NOT on the list at all but something that is now hung above our bed under our other red and white very old sampler!

From Velvet Ribbon I bought two very old French documents and the paper is like a linen
which is very robust.  Just right for me to stitch on to and at only £4 each I was very happy with them indeed so watch this space for a design to get stitching on them.

From Little Wren Vintage I bought a pack of those Suffolk Puffs that she had so lovingly and patiently unpicked.  They are super colours and will be stitched on to something as yet to be determined but they are 1930's fabrics and will not come again so a little piece of that Suffolk Puff quilt top will be here with me.  History like that does not come around very often, and I have always said buy if you can afford to because with vintage and antiques who knows if you will ever see another like it.

Rosehip had some of the ribbons of vintage fabrics with calligraphy written labels on them.  I
like to use them for photographs and of course you can use the fabrics after if you would like to.  I bought five and was very happy with these.  They were on the list!

Suitably Vintage had some inspiration packs on offer and with linen, cotton ribbon, mop buttons and some rather lovely old red and white French fabric I bought two of them nearly identical.  This will be used very quickly with the Christmas stitching coming up .... they really are gorgeous.

Lastly from The Ostrich and the Silkworm I bought a wooden spool with vintage
fabric ribbon piece on it, I love the spools and this fabric was just me so that jumped into my shopping basket along with a little square of fabric with backing.  It has a little whole at the side to stuff then stitch.  However I have stitched it up and am it as a little coaster for beside our bed for my glass of water at night.  It was just the thing!

So as you can see lots of lovely treasures came home with us from Wisborough and it was such a fabulous day.

 Then From .......  The Dorset Brocante.
Two vintage fairs in one long weekend with truffled treasure....

From The Dolls House who had lots of stitchery bits I bought these great pegs with different vintage wool's, threads and fabric on them.  I can use them on bits of stitchery and probably on those old linen paper documents I bought from Velvet Rabbit.  They have texture and I love the colours.  In the meantime they are in a old kilner jar on show in my stitchery room ..

Lisa Giles Antiques well there were different lavender pillows and this one just seemed to
call my name, Lisa did laugh when I said ' I need this in my life' .. gorgeous old French patchwork fabric and lavender .. I ask you how I could walk away with out it! It is pictured here with the other one I bought from her at Wisborough...
They look perfect together on our bed.

Vintage Pink who sell the most lovely quilts, no its OK it was not another quilt this time but actually two scrap packs of vintage quilt pieces and as you can see from the photo ( I hope) there are some gorgeous ones in each  some of which cry out Christmas tree decoration to me if I stitch some together before cutting out ... they will be patch worked pieces of patchwork and will look great as trees I believe.

What do you think? mixed in with some of the red and white old patchwork remnants I have I think
they could look rather lovely.  I am going to start to have a look and a play with different pieces and stitch them together on the machine so that they are very strong and then start cutting out simple triangle shapes for Christmas trees I think.  I am going to use red and white bakers twine for hanging.  A little bit of magic for the trunks and some embroidery .....

From Sarah of  Cottage Socks I bought these rather gorgeous coloured socks, I am so pleased with them for the Winter months out walking.  In addition she had some old vintage books as well and I picked this beauty up.  I am very pleased with my treasure from this lovely stall and to have a hand crafted pair of socks made by this lovely lady is a real treat!

The book is about birds and has some wonderful copper plate prints inside with great colours and
hues.  It will be a fabulous reference book for embroidery.

Sarah Benning of The Blueberry Patch fame I bought this little pile of treasure.  A lovely brooch and  I have the exact card of buttons as well. Then I bought some lovely hanging ornaments for my stitchery room.  I love having lots of beautiful inspiration around me when I am creating and they fitted the bill nicely.  Then a really lovely little cushion that smells of roses and that now sits in paisley drawer to make it all smell divine.  Every time now I open that drawer I see it and smell is of summer.

Sally of The Apple Loft  had some great linen  over the head and crossed at the back apron's
and this lilac one is so pretty and it will be worn over a cream linen dress.  I might look like something out of  The Little House on the Prairie but I fell in love with it and will not look out of place at a vintage fair, although I am not adverse to wearing anywhere in the day at all.  The colour is so pastel pale but really shows up with cream or white linen.

Finally from Grey to Green Home I purchased this really lovely old medicine bottle that will sit in our bathroom on the side with a flower in it, The little shop sign as well that sits now in my sewing room on display along with this most stunning of silk threads on a bobbin, just right to bring shade and sparkle to petals of flowers when hand embroidering I thought.

Well that is all my treasures from the Bank Holiday Weekend, I was a little restrained as I said but still came home with some wonderful things for working with and our own personal use or collection. In September we have two more fairs to go to and that is why I am pacing myself with purchasing goodies.  I still have some things on my list so that will be taken to those next month.

I hope you have enjoyed a look at my treasures and hope that you all have a wonderful Monday. Happy Stitching! XX  


  1. Wow! what wonderful goodies you found

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie! I was very pleased with my treasures!

      Sarah xxxxxx

  2. Goodness me, you were busy!! Lovely array of wares there too. I have a few things from the. Blueberry patch (same little button card actually) and just adore their stuff. I buy to give as presents but end up keeping 😂😂 Love, Mo xxxx

    1. Thank you Mo!
      Shopping st theses events is wonderful all that gorgeousness in one place!
      The blueberry patch bits are lovely, I have an original button card so the are together now!

      I will be Christmas shopping at Nov/Dec fairs.. will have to wrap them quickly or I will end up doing the same lol !

      Sarah xxx