Tuesday 12 September 2017

Old Papers, watercolours, fabrics and threads - Such fun.

Loving the colour palettes
that I am working with.
Orange, Brown, Green and Reds....

Yesterday was such fun in my stitchery room cutting out, threading needles and water colours mixed. I had such a wonderful time and today it continues.

Mistletoe - well the cream berries look fabulous because they are stitched on, tiny mother of pearl buttons and the colour of these are perfect.

I decided to experiment on a little piece of precious old paper and see if you could needle felt on it. There was varying degrees of success but with the stronger papers it work not too badly at all.  I like to experiment it is what brings new and exciting ideas to life. Not that I think I will end up using that but thought it might make fabulous berries ... we will see.

It all takes time and trial and error with mixed media, trying not to have to many in the error department because of working with very old French papers and they are not cheap and can not always be found of this quality I picked up and that is only two.  So slowly and carefully.

I have cut out all my Christmas trees as well, the weather yesterday was basically awful, there was some sun but it was windy and the 'showers' were heavy... I watched all this from my cosy stitchery room window as my desk faces out to the back garden.  You do not see the birds in this weather very much and the butterflies that were around at the weekend have disappeared in this cold, wet and windy spell. That is my sadness of summer ending.

Here though its all Hygee with candles, throws and change around of bedding and quilts.  I have filled the coal hods and the baskets are full with logs that are lovely and dry. So in my husbands
words ' bring it on' .... We are embracing the Autumn and Winter here.  Yesterday the little lamps were on in my sewing room and then off, then on, then off ... you get the picture! so in the end they stayed on for the 10 minutes of sun and 20 minutes of dark and rain..... When you are working in detail it is difficult with the constant light changing and makes my eyes tired so lots of cinnamon tea was drunk too for a break.

Happy am I, in my own stitchery world that time fly's by and I can not believe where my days are going.  I am sort of wishing the time for October to be here but I have so many lovely things to look forward to before and after.  There is the Daylesford vintage fair on Saturday 23 September and we are out to dinner with our friends in the evening again.  Then in December I am in London for four days for my Birthday and we are going having a great time, included in that is going to The Ballet to see the traditional Nut Cracker.  The hotel rooms are booked and it will be amazing with all the others things that are planned too.  Then our friend from Australia is here for months and is having Christmas with us, looking after our home whilst we are away..

Thinking it would be a long dark winter this year and getting my Christmas Star Quilt pieces ready to stitch - I wonder how much I will get done.  Actually it was always for the Jan/Feb months that seem so dreary weather wise but I think this year it will fly by with fun, laughter and creative pursuits...

Autumn, the years last
loveliest smile.
William Cullen Bryant.

In amongst the showers that have been happening I am watching the leaves change in our garden and it is such a beautiful sight.  I love the warm jumpers and jeans weather with crisp walks in the New Forest, this time of year and of course its when I married Andrew and that was such a beautiful day for so many reasons so that could be another reason why I love this time of year so much and of course the cinnamon, pumkin and pecan season is always good.

First thing this morning I was looking through my infamous paisley drawer and came across the most beautiful autumn like one and I had to get it out and touch it.  It is so beautiful and so I had to cut a few leaves out of some just to add to my Autumn sampler....

Still as you see like an excited puppy happily going from one thing to another, hopefully I will have something to show you come Thursday!  Well that is it for today so I will see you back here on Thursday.  Have a fabulous day everyone and as always..... Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Sounds like you had the most wonderful time in the little craft room yesterday with thoughts running through your head, and designing, stitching and painting.

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Julie I did it was lovely! The sun is out today, for how long remains to be seen!
      Still there is bird activity to watch!

      Another day creating for me...
      Hope you have a great day too.

      Sarah xxxxxxx

  2. Morning Sarah,it's lovely to hear the happiness springing from your words on the page.
    I'm hoping to make a tree this week if I can but other things usually take over. I've decided to give everyone a box/basket of Hygge gifts this year and it's been fun finding a variety of nice things that fit into this theme.
    I'm hoping to make some things as well.
    Look forward to seeing your designs.
    Love Dawn xxx

    1. Morning Dawn

      Thank you I am feeling so much better than I did this time last year I can tell you.

      Creative gift I love it, it is such a wonderful thing to open Hygee bits, for the very bleak January and February that follows those gifts will come into their own. When the decorations are down and the excitement of Christmas and New Year are over it is lovely to have scented candles and warm and cosy things to surround yourself with and cosy foods and blankets/quilts. I find lots of time to read in January and that is such a wonderful way to lift your soul. Going on adventures and learning all sorts of wonderful things in the comfort of our favourite chair!

      Happy Stitching! XX