Monday 18 September 2017

Loving mixed media.

Little tiny slow stitches
watercolours and old
French papers...
creative happiness.

So after a bit of a bits and bobs and faffing kind of day yesterday ( and a fabulous long while in my button boxes!) I have settled down once more and have set up my day today. Today is focus and get some things done.  I have set out my table and will make a warm drink - head down.  There was a while very early this morning that I lingered over my old papers box for a tad more than I perhaps needed to, to be honest - but no I am ready to go.   I think it is about never loosing your wonder in things that helps me be happy in my work, apart from I love it but you know what I mean.  It helps to see wonder in everything ( except arachnids - I just look for an escape route where those creepy long legged, too bloomin fast things are concerned) and that is when you can apply yourself to create I believe.  Working with papers and paints/inks as well as slow stitches and fabrics is different and exciting for me at the moment.  I am enjoying the mixed media and being able to experiment with the mediums ..

I have sorted the fabric for the mistletoe leaves and the tiniest of mother of pearl buttons for the white creamy berries .. that mistletoe has. The buttons in this photo are smaller than the picture looks - teeny weeny!

Robin is coming along nicely and is positioned firmly in place now on the gorgeous piece of very old linen like French paper document and I am pleased with it so far.  I drew and tore out Mr fat robin from another piece of old paper and when you look at him you see the script through the light brushed watercolours.
(pictured below)

In addition I thought when I have finished some of these I could take photos, and then print them on to the linen fabric and make with them as well with my design.  It might be rather lovely on a wall hanging I think.

I must tell you the woodpecker finally came back on Friday! I could not believe my eyes it was sat in
the bird table just looking around and I had to call in my husband from his office to see it too.  Actually it was a lady one .. so not the same but however a wood pecker it was .. result! my mother in law told me how to determine male or female so I wonder if these two are a pair.  Also she told me to pop out desiccated coconut for them they love it and I have bought some so I am going to see if they will be daily visitors from now on. One other very strange thing I still have fox gloves out in my garden and the backdrop is Autumn I must take a photo and show you, I have never known them to last this long before.  
Sorry I digress but it just popped into my head so I wanted to share with you whilst I remembered ...

So there is a lot more work to do for this piece but I am pleased so far.  The watercolour is now dry from yesterday and so it is about a little bit more detail.  I will be cutting out the mistletoe leaves and hand stitching those in place and I may get to the point where the buttons will get stitched on. I am undecided as to whether to make a top hat for Mr Robin so that is a think for today... It would be out of fabric not painted. More papers to be added and some layering going on plus some of that gorgeous old green silk sari fabric as well.  So you can see there is some work for me to do today.

In addition to that when I need things to dry or to just leave to look a little later on there is the matter of a Autumn sampler with little acorns to continue with - it will be framed so I am thinking of doing some old paper leaves as well to mix in with the fabric ones.  I am trying to create a dancing circle of leaves and I think some old paper ones that have been lightly water coloured may look grand so I can make some of those and let them dry and then see later in the week how they will look with the little acorns as well.... In the picture above you can see the outlines of two small staring hares ! ... with a little mixing going on for Mr Hares nose...  I keep all bits of paper however small and of course I could add to my jar of hearts, with paper ones as well I am thinking or indeed start a paper jar of hearts ... hmmmm!

Well that is it for me today as I really should be getting on with some of this, I am set up and ready to go so I hope you all have a fabulous day and have enjoyed your read and little look at my continuing work.  All that is left to say is Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Good morning, beautiful work Sarah, looking forward to seeing if Mr robin has a hat on the next time I see him! Have a lovely stitchery day, take care xx

    1. Thank you Barbara for your kind words!
      The jury is still out on the hat .. :))

      Sarah xx

  2. Loved reading this, Sarah, as I sat with my first cup of coffee just now while I wait for breakfast to heat up. Your work is so gorgeous! I look forward to perusing more of it soon! What a lovely blog! Makes me want to craft more!

    1. Thank you Nadia I am so pleased you enjoy the blog....
      Very kind words , I am glad I have encouraged you to do more craft!

      Sarah xxx

  3. Such a lovely sketch of Mr Robin. We had one in our garden yesterday and he stood on an upturned terracotta pot looking like a Christmas card. He flew off before I could take a photo.
    I think your drawing is lovely and natural and doesn't need a top hat but you may prove me wrong. I'm sure you could make anything look perfect.

    I haven't had a chance to play with my metal stamps but the spoon you showed us really inspired me and brought to mind one of your pieces that had a flattened thimble on it. I'm thinking maybe I could stamp on a to speak. Maybe you could share that photo to remind me? Thank you
    Love Dawn xxx

    1. Hi Dawn
      Thank you I am so pleased you like Mr Robin. He is based on the one who visits here.
      Jury out on hat.. I am going to draw a top hat and pop it on him to see.. look at it for a day before making the real thing.
      Great idea on thimbles ... I will find photo for you, it was the bee sampler.

      Have fun experimenting!

      Sarah xxxx

  4. Sounds like another lovely day to be had

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Julie

      I am enjoying having creative time without the pressure. It is really enjoyable indeed.

      Hope you got my email.

      Sarah xxxxxxx