Tuesday 26 September 2017

Daylesford Vintage Fair ....

Autumn paints colours that 
Summer has never seen.

What a most stunning setting at the most stunning time of year to hold a vintage fair.  With the leaves changing colours on all the surrounding countryside and in large marquees, it was the most beautiful vintage fair and it was such a wonderful day.

The day did not start great though as there was that incident on the M3 and we were very late getting there by our standards.  11.20am we arrived and the fair opened at 9.30am the journey was less than enjoyable to very honest with you,  however it got better when we walked in because we went straight to have a coffee and cake and I had chocolate cake and my husband had lemon cake.  We also had a small sausage roll each as well .. this was brunch for us.  We had our brunch with great company as well, It was with Lisa and Katheryn other wise known to most as Vintage Dahling and Demon Shopper!  Chocolate cake and great company ... fabulous half hour catch up.  They had been there since it opened but they wanted a little something before they were heading to the workshop run by Caroline Zoob.  Caroline was taking workshops there on a table in the main marquee.

So it was time to wander around and try and get some shopping done, catch up with friends and of course take some photos for you.  There were lots of stalls and some that I missed too because of the time I got there and time ran out but I managed to get a few snaps for you to get a taste.  I missed several people I found out afterwards and they must have been hugely busy and I passed by.  The fair was busy and very well attended.  Lucy and her team who organise these Love Lane Vintage Fairs have got it right and it really was beautiful.  This fair is held on the land that belongs to Daylesford Farm shops and of course there was that to look around too, which I managed to do last year but sadly not this one.

Not in any particular order but here is a taste of what was there. Rosehip were there with their beautiful stall.  It was a sight to behold so beautifully set out with such an eclectic mix of gorgeous vintage treasures, bits of fabrics and tucked in a corner they were very busy indeed, however it was a large space so I was able to get in and take some lovely pictures for you to see.

They had some really beautiful treasure including  the antique watercolour box - it was tempting but I had to be good.  I would have loved it purely to look at and  have on the side because the thought of using it all up would be a sad thing.  It has survived this long.

Then it was Betty and Violet and Ali was there with her lovely mum ( also Ali being one of the dinner party in the evening) and I wanted to find her to let her know we had arrived safely. Now I know she is a friend but WOW really this was such a beautiful stall to look at.  The gorgeous things that were there on offer.  So much gorgeous treasure to purchase and with this kind of antique quality that is still around.  The tiny shoes with mother of pearl buttons, you can imagine being done up with the little button hooks with mother of pearl handles.

Gorgeous hand made little lavender pillows so exquisite with the decoration and everyone different.  To pop into a drawer not to be seen is a crime but you could.  The thing is the one I bought a while back now is out for me to look at and sits on our bed to honest.  We had a chat and made our final arrangements for later and I scurried off trying to get some photos before everything was bought and I had nothing to photograph.

The next is Sam Lindsay and I had never come across this before and it was stunning with the best little rocking horse I had ever seen I was instantly in love, but good.  There was some beautiful pieces on this beautifully set out stall was getting lots of people so I was lucky enough to squeeze for a few shots.

There was some really lovely old quilts and pretty vintage blue and white china on a old dresser.  It was perfect.

Next was 3 Kings Decorative and It was lovely to see this husband and wife team again.  Earlier in the year we had bought the dresser base from them and it was great to say hello again.  They had some really beautiful things displayed to purchase including this amazing old clapboard dolls house with working sash windows.  It was sold and it was stunning I can tell you.  Lots of people were going mad over it.

Then I spied the lovely Emma from Little Wren Vintage and her beautifully designed stall.  So many gorgeous things to tempt with.  It actually turned out to be a bit of a party here because as I was with her who else should be there but Chris ( of Cosy Club fame) and you will never guess but Christine from The Sea Garden in Cornwall ! We had not seen each other since last year at the Cowslip Christmas Fair and it was wonderful... There we all were talking sewing, the fabulous dolls house (above) and general vintage loveliness of the Brocante we were all at.  Showing each other fabrics and quilt pieces that were on Emma's stall and laughing it was a real tonic after my journey there.

It was time to move on and continue around and joy of joys Sonia of The Old Haberdashery was there with all her beautiful threads, cottons, sewing books, lace and so much more.  Sonia also as your must know by now has a shop as well so she comes with her stock and closes her shop for a day or so to attend.  It is wonderful to be able to stand there and go through all the cottons and threads to see if there are any that will do for tiny stitches on my sampler work and I was not disappointed I can tell you.

Suzi of Hearts 'n' Kisses was there with her wonderful embroidery pieces made into hearts, cushions and pictures.  Always a smile and a chat for all it is lovely to see her and her stunning work.  Then who should bounce up but Brenda who is a lovely lady who I met at The Cotswold's vintage fair last year for the first time.  We met up again this year  and she came and found me and again on Saturday.  Brenda is now a reader of this blog so if you are reading this it was wonderful to catch up with you again Brenda it is always a pleasure to have our chat.

Again we chatted and then I caught up with Suzi.  The thing about the Vintage Fair circuit is that is also has a very social part to being there  and meeting with like minded people who love the same things and sewing is an really wonderful thing. In addition to treasure hunting it is a great social event.

It was time to say my goodbyes and move on to get some more photos and I came across Decorative Antiques.  It was stunning look at these wonderful French wooden carvings.  Oh my what a beautiful and totally different stall.  There were candles going and all the gorgeous old carvings.

In a very busy event this stall almost had a calm aura around it.  Beautiful and serene such a truly lovely stall.  Thank you again for letting me photograph it.

Suitably Vintage were there and I caught up with them and saw some photos that they had taken in their garden with little baby hares sat there in it.  Just adorable.

There was some beautiful pieces there and some lovely fabrics but they had sold so much, which was wonderful for them of course but I was told that they had thinned out considerably and with such beautiful treasure on offer I am not surprised.

Rosablue was there with her gorgeous handmade dolls all dressed in vintage fabrics along side some other vintage treasures.  She will be taking a course to make her dolls at The Cosy Club in a few weeks as well, I am not sure if there are any spaces left but if you fancy it then google the Cosy Club and see.

 There were two large marquees at this Vintage Brocante and a circle outside of smaller individual marquees as well and I found Cher and Michael Todd in one of them.  Some truly beautiful antiques were on offer included a great patchwork wall hanging and some lovely stitched samplers.  Out side of there marquee was the most wonderful turn of the century step ladder with such ornate iron work on it.  My husband said if we had not been being good that would have come home with him.

I was still running around trying to take photos and who should walk up with a smile and a drink in each hand but my lovely husband.  He had a Bellini each... what a civilised way to be greeted.  I took mine gratefully as I asked where he had purchased them from.

He pointed over and I saw this little vintage van and it had been converted in to a prosecco van .. on tap no less!  It was called the Piccolo Prosecco and they had just started out and I really wish them all the very best.  They should do really well on the circuit along with weddings I would imagine and private parties.

Well we stood in the warm sunshine and drank our drink.  It was pure fortification! can I get away with the term medicinal as well after the journey? !!  .....

Along in one of the outside marquees was Hannah Wyman and Rebbeca Shelton-Agar who were sharing and with the both of their individual and  beautiful stock and baskets of fabric it was so lovely to have a real truffle about.

So much to look at and see it was really lovely.  They were outside of their spot sat in the sun and chatting to customers.

Hayley of Will and Bea fame was there and it always lovely to see this lovely lady.  Always a smile and some really beautiful goodies on offer.

Hayley also takes great photos when she goes to the South of France and makes them into pictures and they are so fresh and wonderful.

There is also my husbands favourite soap that he likes to purchase as well.

The King and I was there and I had never seen such beautiful set up and actually never met before.  I actually did not meet the lady as she was away from her space but Hayley of Will and Bea were sharing some space so I was able to ask to take photos and look around.  It was beautifully different and such lovely antique frames on offer.

You can see from my photos what I am talking about.  I rather like dried flower bundles in the frames instead of pictures!

Nicholas and Steele were there with their beautiful stall and I always find some great things there for sale, today was no exception.  I had a few things on my list that I almost knew I would find there and because I am loving mixed media at the moment it was great to be able to tick two things off my little list.  I love this stall and its owners such a happy husband and wife team and always have smiles for everyone.  Holly and Steve have  wonderful eye for antiques, you only have to look at the photos to see I am correct.

Last of the photos I managed to get was from Beyond France and the lovely Maud is the owner of this.  Always some gorgeous linens and pottery with the most gorgeous of blues in colour.  I had a chat and took my photos but she sent me a photo from her phone as well.  My husband had been talking to her before me whilst looking round and she thought he matched and blended so well that she asked to take a photo of him .... you will see in the photo on the left!  She loved the linen scarf he had on and jacket so he kindly obliged.....

Although there were lots more stall holders there I just could not get around to it with the late arrival which was such a shame so I am so sorry to any that I missed
We had such a wonderful few hours there and then headed off to our hotel to get ready for the evening of frivolity! and high jinx..... And we had a wonderful meal and a wonderful time.

The next day we had to leave no later than 10.30 ish as we were off on another adventure but you will have to come back here on Thursday to read about that one.

I hope that you have enjoyed a taste of the Daylesford Brocante and all that remains for me to say is I hope you have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Wow! all those stalls you saw look wonderful. Looks like you had a really great day on Saturday

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. It was really good Julie, so much to see and do!

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. Looks brilliant. I love old watercolour boxes as well and have an old one (well several actually) that I use as well as new ones.
    I was looking on Pinterest last night and saw an idea for the Xmas tree. Little birds made in red fabric that sit on wooden pegs which you can then clip on anything. I thought you could make some out of vintage fabric and embroider them. I'm going to have a go.....when I can. I expect you see lots of lovely ideas at the shows. I'm so hoping to go before Xmas. We've sold our shed now so the garden will be priority. Your hubby looked the part in his scarf bless him x

    1. Hi Dawn

      The birds sound lovely! Yes lots of lovely ideas but I have to be Careful its bad form to copy others work when you sell ..
      I try to come up with different ideas all the time.
      We are going to the Christmas Cowdray fair Dawn in November.. dogs allowed.
      Will give out dates for Christmas fairs soon.

      How lovely to have old water colour boxes .. very special.

      I will tell Andrew what you said he will be pleased.

      Sarah xxxccc

  3. Yes I know you can't sell them but just for personal use on your tree Sarah. Xxx

  4. It sounds like a lovely fair Sarah and you seem to have had a great time. I am hopeful we can make it down to one before Christmas. How lovely that you saw Brenda again. I remember her - what a lovely lady - used to live in Ayrshire if I recall. Look forward to hearing about your Sunday escapades next! Mo xxx

    1. Morning Mo!

      It was a lovely day and yes I was thrilled to see Brenda again.
      I am so pleased you might make it down. The Cowdray one will be wonderful.

      Sarah xxxxx