Friday 8 September 2017

Stitching, threads, buttons and faffing!

I am seeking
I am striving
I am in it with
all my heart.

Van Gogh

I have that need to be an octopus for the day, feeling again! I am loving all the creative things that I am trying to achieve but sometimes I do not know what to do first, like a puppy chasing its tail that is how I feel today.  The words above spoke to me because I love everything I have planned to do on the stitching and journal front, just do not seem to have enough hours in my day right now to be getting everything I want to do actually done.  I do set my own goals rather high sometimes and then there is visiting Mum and taking her out and of course the dreaded house work ... I need a cleaner I have decided! LOL

When I set about creating something I am all in, I completely immerse myself in it, that said  at the moment all the ideas and thoughts and wanting to do this and that and that and that are slowing me up!  I need to make a list and start ticking off ..... 

The bits of wool and the thin silk like fabric ribbon ( brownish colour one) have been earmarked to be stitched on to the old French linen like papers that I bought  at Wisborough.  Making a picture in mixed media has got me doodling ideas.  Then there is the matter of cutting out Christmas trees and then starting my cross stitch along with loving cutting out all the diamonds and hexagons ..... you can see my dilemma and that I am all over the place.  Excited about up and coming holiday, excited its Autumn and excited that I am feeling so much better in myself than I have in months ... you see ! an excited pup! as long as I don't start gnawing on table legs all should be good if I just settle down.

Sitting on my little stool in my stitchery room and rummaging through my box of what I call notions
( lace, monograms, hankies, vintage bits of embroidery linens, vintage beads and pearls that sort of thing) I can really loose all track of time but it is necessary today so that I can gather all that is needed for this mixed media project.  Wish me luck and that time stands still for a hour or so !

Also today I have a little pile building up of fabrics that need to have hearts cut out of them for my jar of hearts, they are kicking around on my work desk in a tiny basket and they need to be done today I have decided. I am trying to keep my stitchery room tidy and of course I need it completely tidy before I go away because it would be really horrid to come back to a muddle in there, especially with jet lag ( which I do get coming back home, I feel very light headed and almost have a motion sickness
with it) so things like the jar of hearts need to be sorted and away.

So my day has a purpose and it will start with jar of hearts then go straight to the mixed media picture.  Later I will cut out some Christmas trees to stitch on the plane and then the left over patchwork pieces can be put away, from the munchers dinning menu!  This is a good start to my day.

We do not have any vintage fairs to go to this weekend and I am looking forward to being at home to potter and get some things sorted.  I will be able to get lost in my stitchery for a few hours whilst my husband potters too.

The mixed media picture I am excited about as it is going to feature a Robin, well its getting to that time of year isn,t it and I might stitch a Halloween type sampler for our home to put up next year.  Its time I stitched the crow design I sketched months ago.

My husband is working from home today which is fabulous as the commute time is less than ahmmm!
minute so when we both finish tonight it is not far to go and get a glass of wine and talk about our day and what we need to do over the weekend.    It is funny when he is working in his office here, we take turns in making warm drinks throughout the day but he calls me the catering manager so I am the one who has to sort breakfast for him and lunch.  He is far more structured in his eating habits than I am and has to prompt me!  He can not believe if I am in the middle of something I keep going until its a point to break away.. sometimes I just end up having a drink and an apple around mid afternoon.  Not on his watch ladies and gents ... He, as you know, loves his food so I get a little voice saying  'is it time for lunch yet babes' ...

Breakfast has been served to him and for a while he will settle lol, so for me today it is trying to sort through my list of things to be done.  Then starting next week on a even footing.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and for those of you going to The Goodwood Revival have a great weekend.

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Do you know I said just that to a friend yesterday, I need to be an octopus with all the things I want to do.

    Yes......I know that one, I want to keep going with whatever I'm doing, but have to stop to make lunch for my husband he like his food too at set times, me I'm happy with a cuppa and something quick during the day.

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      The Octopus thing - You are good at knitting, I would have to get you to make me some cardigans with lots of arms: grin.

      I am so used to just eating and drinking when either I am really hungry or thirsty that I forget others like to be more structured. When he is in an office not at home its how he is.

      Oh well still prefer him at home to London.

      Sarah xxxx