Monday 25 September 2017

A slow stitch kind of day ....

Every leaf speaks bliss to me
fluttering from the Autumn tree.

Emily Bronté

Another week already, I do hope my vacation time does not go as fast as these past weeks seem to be doing.  The leaves in our garden are so beautiful the changing of them, which I have watched daily from my sewing room, is stunning.  It is colder out there now and today if the sun continues to shine I will be going out there with some hand stitching and a throw over me and watch the nature about me whilst I create.  It is a peaceful and quiet time and also when I seem to get ideas pop into my head.  I thought it would be too chilly to see anymore butterflies but to my utter amazement when I went into the garden in the sunny spot ... well I took a video so you can look because telling you would not be able to grasp it in words I do not think. It was not enough to describe it to you all so I took my little video.  I was over joyed. Excuse the quality of the little video as it was taken on my I phone in haste incase the beautiful sight disappeared!!

Butterflies dancing around in the garden from flower to flower is such a happy sight and  I thought I would have  to wait for next year to see them again...  The cat who is called Tibby who visits me on a regular basis will miss them when they do go because, he likes to chase them, he however will not miss me saying NO TIBBS in a rather authoritative voice! ... he stops and looks at me as much as to say, you do not normally raise your voice, you just snuggle me in .... hmmm! his face is a picture of curious at this point.!!

I have so much  choice here today as to what to start with on my creative journey today.  I would like to get Mr Robin finished but think I may start and finish my Autumn sampler.  Then I might do a little work on the gifts I am making and finally I would like to get my design journal out.  I can take my Autumn sampler out in the garden you see and hand stitch the rest of what needs to be done so I think that is my day sorted.

On Wednesday I am going to have a really good sort and clean of my sewing room it really does need
it as I have been routing about a bit of late.  I noticed in the sunlight some dusting needs doing too. When you are cutting fabrics it makes a cloth dust and I want to get it sorted as it is bothering me. Then on Thursday I start my day with some modicum of order - which I need to create, if my work space is in a muddle then, so am I.

So I have also made a start on my holiday journal which I have bought.  It is a moleskin one ( not a real mole you understand, this is a brand) it is orange colour and I have started sorting it for my ramblings and doing a little art journaling at the same time.  I have made some paper acorns as you know and other little bits and have got a few little Autumnal sayings going in there too.  I want this journal to not only remind me of our holiday with my thoughts as well as our days but also I would like it to be visually pretty as well.  I am starting this journal with this trip to America and I will continue with it when we go to Canada next year.

The other day  my husband was working from home but it was horrendously busy for him, so we broke off for dinner and an hours sit down and then he went back in his office to work.  I hate he is up stairs and I am down so I decided to be in my sewing room.  It was too dark to start stitching so I decided to journal instead.  Writing is another passion of mine and I love art too so I sat happily doing some artistic crafting whilst he was working.  I was having fun trying to figure out a way to stitch in some fabric bits to some pages, I love trying to work out the almost impossible.  If the book is already made up it is a little bit more tricky ..

 Then I decided to get ready for bed and sit there and read until he had finished ...  I know if he gets what he really needs to do, done, then he will sleep well for the next very long day ahead of him.

I keep a journal of sayings and quotes that I like and some are mine that I have written and the rest are from others.  I had scribbled a few down in my rough book and so I was able to write those up as well.  My husband always says his writing looks like a spider has fallen in a ink well and climbed out over a page ( it does actually) and he says he never enjoyed penmanship but wish he had.  I  love writing and I guess it why I love writing to all my pen pals as well so that we send and receive lovely hand written letters and keep the art of snail mail going ....  Nothing like getting a letter through the post and sitting in a cosy chair with a warm drink and reading a letter. You get to read it again too and with chatty news and few little gifts we all send to one another it is so much better that a gas bill, don't you think!

Today I must collate the photos from the weekend of the vintage fair wonder that was Daylesford today so that I can do a write up for you tomorrow and I have lots of delicious stitchery to do to so that is it for today from me.  I will see you back here tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day whatever you are up to and of course as always Happy Stitching! XX

Fingers crossed this little video works ....


  1. I know what your husband means about spidery writing, mines the same, but my husband and eldest son have wonderful handwriting. I love getting letters and have had lots of penfriends but over the years they have dwindle to about two, so their letters are special.

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      It's so lovely isn't it to get a hand written letter and not a bill drop on to the mat! .. there is something so special.
      Have a wo great day, it's a bit yuk here very misty now...
      Sarah xxxxxxxx

  2. Lovely video. It's amazing how quickly the sewing room ends up in a mess isn't it although I'm trying to be tidy and the drawer organisation has helped for putting things back again. Christmas will create chaos I'm sure, the largest of our spare rooms is now full of Hygge hampers which I am slowly filling with goodies for each person, It's great fun. Enjoy your day Sarah xxx

    1. Hello Dawn
      My sewing room isn't too bad, still have things awsyvand places to put them but I have bits out to do and I am in the middle of, I am slowly going down to just one thing so I can put it all away.
      Your Hygge baskets sound perfect!
      Hope doggies are both well ..
      Sarah xxxx.

  3. I can tell you are getting excited about your wonderful trip - I am very envious I must say! The video of the butterflies is lovely. Although we have them still, I only ever see one at a time! Today it has been gloriously warm. Started off really misty and them the clouds disappeared and it was so warm. It was an utterly perfect autumn day. We had lunch outside too, it was delightful. I had planned some time in my sewing room, but it was too nice, so I went mad with my loppers and shears !! Very satisfying though! Did some hand stitching tonight - a Christmas runner (from last year!) finally finished. Mo xxx