Tuesday 29 March 2016

West Country Vintage Fabric Market in Trull ...

The West Country Vintage fabric market held at the Memorial Hall in Trull, which is in Taunton is a smaller fair than some of the others, that said it is a hall filled with beautiful textiles and haberdashery and some great vintage goodies
within those walls.

There is also vintage linens on offer both French and Hungarian linens from Beyond France.  There is always a lovely atmosphere at this fair and I met up with some great people although for us it was a flying visit this day.

The lovely Liz of the Washerwoman fame was there, which is no surprise as this lady runs this fair along with her husband Jack.  Her stall was so pretty as you can see with baskets of beautiful fabrics on offer along with some lovely vintage bits as well, including buttons, hand embroidery stamps but to name a few.  There was some lovely fabrics and some did come home with me...

Then I found the lovely Maud of Beyond France and I know you have seen her beautiful linens before but I am not sure I have spoken about where they are from.
 Maud travels over Europe to find
some stunning linens and she brings some beauties back from Hungary.  These are the most stunning of blue colours with some having white flowers on too. Based in a beautiful Hungarian village, we work with traditional Indigo dyers who hand print and hand dye the linen; enthused by their work we also hand dye the linen in bright contemporary colours.

The Hungarian linen is so versatile that it inspires us to design an ever-changing collection of goodies from lavender hearts, cushions and bags to rag rugs and upholstered furniture.

The unconventional homespun quality of this linen means that each product has its own quirky character that makes them unique.

Then I came across Susie and Russell Needham with a stall full of wonderful fabrics and textiles.  They had a large area and with shelves as well all in colour order basically there were piles of beautiful fabrics to choose from.  

Look at the blues on the right and the blue ticking and stripes as well.  There were floral's and gingham's in all sorts of colour ways.  The great thing is that there is good quantities on this stall and if you are looking to make some home furnishings you can not do much better because there is surely something for everyone on here...

Along from here was The Vintage Sewing Girl and as always she was smiling and happy and looked fabulous all dressed up.  There was not only fabrics but wonderful vintage baskets as well.  I was sorely tempted I can tell you but I have a few and until the move I am not going to buy anymore to have to pack up.  Plus I have an idea for them and have to see if it will work in our new home (when we finally move this year) ... fingers crossed.

There was knitted bunting hanging and it all looked so inviting as well.

Then I spied Michelle Martin and her stall with lots of goodies to tempt as well but I had spied a fabulous looking vintage embroidery book as you will see in the photo and it might have come home with me!!

You can see it on the right at the top.  It was display on a easel stand and I did apologise for ruining the display so early in the day, but if you dither to long at these events then someone comes along and snaps it up and you miss out... this is a lady talking from experience here so believe me if you love it then do buy as it most usually is gone and you never see another like it again.  There were vintage suitcases on offer along with some wonderful fabrics as well.

Blue Lias Vintage had some great pieces on their stall and along with some lovely fabrics and textiles there was some haberdashery items as well.  I bought some beautiful bits on here.  There were cottons, thimbles, fabrics, table linens and buttons to name just a few vintage goodies to tempt all.

Also some lovely vintage china dotted about that was for sale as well.  I did buy some lovely things from here and they will be in a show and tell, I mean how could you resist?

Then I found Nicki Fretwell and her glorious stall all set out beautifully as always.  I have seen Nicki at the Vintage Bazaar on occasions and not only does she sell, buttons, fabrics, laces and haberdashery items but Nicki does make as well and she had made some beautiful dolls that were hanging up.  You can see two of them in the top row of the photos on the right,

Nicki had some great lace and cottons along with some beautiful vintage hand embroidered linens as well.  There was lots of really lovely things on offer to scoop up and call your own.

As I said we did not stay very long and this was all I had time for but there was about another four stalls I believe but they had people around so I could not get any great shots ... I tried but there are hands and parts of faces in the shots so they were not good at all I am afraid.  I will say there was a lady selling vintage Liberty fabrics and if this is your thing you would have been in heaven... I know a lady Nicki of Quilterdown who makes the most stunning quilts who would have loved to buy some bits on there. ......

Anyway that was a peek into our short visit and I hope you have enjoyed it. I must away to my stitching room and do a quick tidy then today it is stitch stitch stitch ..... I have made my mind up to overlook other things.  So have a great day and Happy Stitching!


  1. The Trull fair is nearest to me, Liz and Jack are lovely and it is a wonderful fair. I was not able to go to the last one. Will you be going to another one, let me know and perhaps we can say hello..........
    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Yes I will be going to another one. Are you going to Frome to the VB on 16th April? Thats a Jack and Liz one too.
      Sarah xx

    2. No, My 60th birthday that weekend, so meeting youngest son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren and going out for the day
      Julie xxxxx

  2. Oh well you have a great time xx

  3. Thank you for a great write-up (as always) Sarah. I will announce the next West Country Textile fair date on my Washerwoman blog very soon! xxx

  4. Fabulous! and glad you liked the write up. Xx