Thursday 24 March 2016

Show and Tell of vintage goodies from the vintage fair at Blandford.....

There is nothing like truffling and rummaging
at a vintage fair and when you find
treasure its the cherry on the cake.

Happy with my treasures is an understatement really.  I enjoy a vintage fair so much.  Wandering around taking photos and chatting to friends and people you have just met.  Looking at what each person has on offer on their stall and finding vintage wonders.  One of the lovely things about it is that each individual has a treasure in mind, we are all different.  We love to see what others have found and bask in their delight, whether it is something that would not be for you or indeed you wish you had found .... We are a friendly and happy bunch of people.

When I went in and found Liz of The Washerwoman I knew she would have some fabric that I would love.  This day was no exception to the rule.  I look for smaller prints for my work and often paisley and this was just right for me.  I have no idea as yet which of my designs it will be used on but believe me it will be used either in my business or personally. Tied with some lovely vintage green ribbon I feel I got two for one! .. The ribbon with be used as well in something.

When I saw this stunning blue and white  piece of china on Jenny's stall (Tilly - D) I could not help myself, even if the dressers are full to bursting.  It is so beautiful and it is very very old but is Spanish.  The birds and the butterflies caught my eye as well as it colours and hues of a pre-loved and treasured piece of china.  There is not a chip or a ding on it and as my husband said ' all it needs now is a home baked cake on it'  I think that is a hint ... don't you?

As I walked round this wonderful fair I saw Marina of Vintage Jane and as you know I had a book to deliver to her.  She had won it as a prize on here.  I put all names in a bowl and then one is picked out by someone else, husband, friend or neighbour .. who ever is about really.

Because I was now carrying this great piece of china I felt the book needed to find it home to lighten the load... not for long though because Marina had a most lovely pottery jelly mould and so I swapped the books weight for that!!  As you can see though it was well worth carrying.

I spied on the stall in the foyer bit a couple selling garden bits and yes antique linens and I am always on the look out for linen to cut up and make into a sampler and two of them are very old French linens.  One is a tea towel and one more like a square cloth but they have a gorgeous design within their weave and one has a light red weave pattern and the other is the same colour weave ... these will be a fabulous base for a sampler with embroidery and maybe applique.  The third one is a really lovely pale lemon table cloth with vintage hand embroidery and to be honest with you this is for me personally and I think will look wonderful on the kitchen table at Easter when it is washed and pressed.   The picture does not do it justice really but it gives you an idea.  I will take another photo when it is in pride of place for you to see properly anyway take a look.

Louise Harris makes some beautiful handbags and purses either knitted or crocheted and the bags are fully lined.  As you know I have one of her bags and I have ordered another one but I wanted a new coin purse and I thought this one was beautiful.  Remember I said in my earlier blog could you guess which one I brought home with me.  Well it was this beauty and it took some work Louise said with all the little granny squares being crocheted.  It is unique, funky and now treasured.  Did you guess correctly?

Lastly but certainly not least I bought two fabric packs from Emma of The Little Wren Vintage.  I managed to get to see her properly this time as Saturday it was impossible.  I did not buy something from Emma on Saturday as you know but I could only get to one side of her great display .. This day I got to have a great rummage in a basket full of inspiration packs.  Beautiful vintage scraps of fabric some are very early French as well and I am delighted with my finds.

The picture on the right at the top is the two packs and the two bottom pictures are the two packs opened up for you to look at.  The two fabrics on the top picture and the top of the inspiration packs are my favourites but there was ribbons, mother of pearl buttons, hearts cut out of fabrics as well......

I was fairly restrained as you can see but to be honest with you in the last fortnight I will have attended five vintage fairs so I knew pacing myself was a must.  I still have to show you my booty from the Country living fair and Trull so watch this space.

Anyway must get on and get down to some stitching this week, I have lots to finish and complete and loads to start!!

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! 


  1. More wonderful finds........ can't wait to see what you make
    Julie xxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Yes thank you I am thrilled with my finds and the fabrics have now been washed and pressed and away safely from any hungry moths that might fancy a munch!
      I am thrilled and will be using some very soon.
      Have a very Happy Easter and thank you for all your wonderful comments and support.

      Best wishes
      Sarah xx