Tuesday 15 March 2016

Spring Brocante ......Vintage Fair.

Spring is a time of plans
and projects .....

As you all know I went to the Spring Brocante Vintage Fair in Midhurst West Sussex on Saturday.  It is not that far really from us about an hour and half so we set off in the sunshine to this lovely fair. When we arrived at our destination which was held at Capron House on North Street actually in Midhurst there was a queue to get in.  The fair started at 10am and we arrived around 10.20am.

The house is impressive and they have a garden at the back which held a marquee in there as well as stalls through out the house.  I only have one criticism and that is it was packed and with not much space.  With dogs and pushchairs as well it was almost impossible to walk around comfortably and some stall holders felt claustrophobic they said.  That said, if you were patient and just happy to be out at the fair and not in a rush like some, then you just waited patiently and enjoyed the fair.
There were some great stalls there and I knew some people but met lots of new people as well which was lovely.  Lots of different and lovely vintage goodies to look at.

The first stall that I came across as I walked inside was Carla Saint Martin Walls.  This was a really beautiful stall and set out to catch your eye and tempt and tempt it did.  I had to buy some bits on this stall and of course there will be a show and tell later on in the week. These purchases were all in a matter of 10 minutes of walking through the doors!

As I said it was busy and apparently people had been queueing since 9am so you can imagine the foot fall in this charming but not large house.
Then I saw a lovely familiar face ... |Maud from Beyond France and she had set up just along the hall way.  This lady is a lovely she really is with a smile for everyone and always happy.  I had not seen Maud since last October so we had a little catch up to see how we had both been faring since last we met.  There was some beautiful linens and china for sale along with some scrummy cushions that had been made from beautiful linens.

I did not buy anything because I want to move first and then would like some of the cushions for the chairs in the kitchen ( that I do not have yet in a new house that I have not found yet)!!

So you see I did not get anything but I can assure you I will be contacting Maud when we move and see where she will be for me to get some lovely cushions and linens ....

Moving along and I spotted Julia from Gazehound Vintage.. Her stall was beautiful with a Spring like feel to it  This lady does so much charity work for animals and she organises vintage jumbles with some proceeds going to help rescue animal or buying warm coats for animals who are owned by homeless people.  Always a smile and and great catch up and I bought a couple of bits from Julia.  There is one of her jumbles this weekend so please look at the details on the earlier blog in January for fair dates.

Moving along and I managed to get into see this lovely stall Chalk and Paisley well with name with paisley in it, it had to be explored.  Alas there was no paisley for sale but this lady makes stunning things for your home from covered journals to pictures and lamp shades.  I was lucky enough to be able to take some photos for you.  This was no easy task I can tell you because by now the house was heaving with people.

I did buy a little something from here and it will be in the show and tell later...

Then I saw another familiar face and it was Emma from Little Wren Vintage there was a huge crowd around Emma's stall and you had to be patient to be able to look and see.  Again when I got near enough I did manage to take some photos and to have a very quick chat with Emma.  The way that Emma sets out her beautiful items and cushions that she has made along with vintage quilts draped over an old painted step ladder its breath taking.  Baskets full of vintage pieces of quilt bundles and fabric bundles along with beautiful china ... I could happily have it all.  I did buy a little something and again you will see it later in the week.

It was time to move on to let others get near enough to look and purchase and I was on the look out for someone in particular.  Then I found her in another little room, Simone of Ayres & Graces.  If you ever get to a fair where this lovely lady is exhibiting then you are lucky as she does not do lots in the year.  Her work is truly exquisite not only can she embroider and stitch but she makes the most beautiful animals from fabrics or clay and hand paints them.  Her attention to detail is amazing and like she said to be it takes a long time to finish each project and you can tell that by looking at her work.  Yes something of Simone's came home with me but just look at the pictures ... 

Look at the rabbits and hares and the dogs!  Do you remember last year I bought my beautiful sleeping Hare from her.  Well my lovely Hare sits on my bed every day snoozing.  I also have one of her dolls who is laid down reading a vintage fabric flower book .... I have another piece now and it will be in the show and tell.

Next door to Simone was a lady called Helen Morris who has vintage jewellery and amazing 1920 style had dresses which were stunning.  I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to shiny things and this really did catch my eye.  The detail and the beauty of those head dresses had me staring for ages.  I got this ladies card and now I am trying to think where I could wear one.  I think we need a vintage party and all dress up in vintage wear, drink bubbles and dance the night away .... then I can buy a head dress!!

Finding my away around and smelling coffee I found the room with the cakes and coffee in.  I had
lost my husband by now and I phoned him to say where I was and unbelievably there was a table so I sat down and he found me.  I had a lovely filter black coffee and some chocolate cake, whilst my husband had a tea and some lemon drizzle cake both were really tasty.  In the corner of this room was the lovely Suzi of Hearts 'N' Kisses so I made my way over to her, feeling refreshed and we had a little chat.  It was a squeeze where she was as there was also a door which led to the garden where the marquee was so the foot traffic was vast along with the fact that she was where the coffee was.  I did manage to get some photos of her beautiful work and I was able to buy a picture from her as well which will go away until we move.  Suzi makes pictures, tea cosy's, hanging hearts and this time some darling little thread bears who had a numbered drawer each as a bed with vintage quilt and pillow.....

As I was by the doorway and the sun was shining brightly I decided to explore the marque and the little garden beyond.

This is where I came across this fabulous stall called Nicholas and Steele Vintage.  There was some beautiful and quirky vintage items on here and each time you looked you saw something else.  I love truffling around on a stall like this as there is so much to look at.  I noticed the cushions and we had a laugh about that because the Friday this lady had put out on her Facebook page that most people doing a fair the next day was packing the car and ticking lists, but in fact she was making cushions because she had remembered at the seventh hour that she had just sold her last ones and she needed some home furnishing on her stall.  Lots of great bits to buy and it soon became crowded again so I said my farewells and went on around the marquee.......

.... And look what I found  Etoile Brocante stall.  With such great vintage goodies.  I loved the wooden rabbits and horses.

This was a very different and quirky stall and there was everything from the wooden animals to enamel signs, china, books and pictures.  They were partly in and partly out of the back of the marquee.  The sun was shinning but it was still a little cold.

The people who own this were lovely and friendly and we chatted for a while and then I spotted the couple who own Suitably Vintage ( they were at the VB the week before)  I asked if they had a stall and they said no they were on the hunt for lovely bits and pieces too!  You meet all the best people at vintage fairs and they are all really friendly, helpful and smiley ...

I then found Lisa of Lovely Hudson (named after her dog) I have met Lisa before at a couple of fairs one being a Sarah Moore pop up.  There were bundles of vintage fabrics and pieces of vintage quilts and some haberdashery items on this pretty stall along with baskets, china and cushions too.

Well I had to come away with a few little bits didn't I as it would have been rude not too...

Opposite Lisa I found a great stall also selling some haberdashery items along with some other wonderful vintage goodies so I crossed over and was able to take some photos for you all, but by now it was nearly impossible so I was so lucky here.   This business is called Melonberry Vintage and as you can see there were some beautiful pieces on offer.  There were vintage ribbons sold by the meter and some lovely packs of lace and bits as well as china and baskets.

I found some lovely little bits and bobs for my haberdashery box at home so I was very happy indeed.  I really could not take any more photos in the marque.  Although it was not huge there were probably a good 15 stalls in there that I really could get no where near.

I decided to try and find my husband again so I went back into the main house to see if I could find him.  It had thinned out a tiny wee bit and I was able to get to Hellish Designs and just in time to see something I had seen from afar when I had gone past and it was still there so I was able to pick that up.

Again a eclectic array of vintage loveliness awaits you and there was a beautiful vintage quilt along side lovely white china and fabric covered lampshades.

By this time it really was cramped and unable to get to see or photograph any more I decided to phone my husband to see where he was .. He had departed after the coffee he said and was walking around the town.  I could not get up the stairs to the stalls up there so I went to join him.

We walked around Midhurst, which is very pretty and we found a lovely little place for lunch before heading off to Chichester for the afternoon.  This was a very lovely fair and I am so glad that I attended but I wish I could have got to see some more.

We had a lovely day and spent the afternoon in Chichester and actually had dinner there in the evening before heading home.

I hope you have enjoyed a little peek inside the Spring Brocante and as always Happy Stitching!


  1. Oh wow all those wonderful stalls wish we lived closer
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. There were some beauties Julie and it was so tempting to go wild. So many stunning fabrics and quilts and haberdashery.

    This particular event is run by Love Lane Vintage and they do several in the year all around the West Sussex region. The summer one is always fabulous and so is the Christmas one as you can imagine.

    Have a great day.

    Sarah xx