Thursday 17 March 2016

Vintage at the Village Hall .... Blandford Dorset

Driving through the Dorset countryside
in the sun was a pleasure and the vintage fair
at the other end was fabulous!

Having been to a fair at the weekend and then another on Monday to go to you would think I may think shall I or shan't I but let me tell you this one is not to be missed.  Although a bit tired still from the weekend I had to go and I was so pleased that I did because what a lovely vintage fair this was.
Blandford Forum in Dorset is a really lovely market town and the
venue was held at the The Corn Exchange in the Market place.  The sun was shining and there was no rain.  Driving through the country lanes past Wimborne and into Blandford is Thomas Hardy countryside and it was a real pleasure and peaceful.

This fair is organised and run by Elaine of Ted and Bunny fame (pictured above) and the work that goes into getting a fair just right is enormous.  The trick is I think is to make it seem so effortless which Elaine is able to do, yet you know the months of planning to bring us these great events is huge.  I had to ask Elaine for a photo because she looked really beautiful and had on the most amazing skirt with horses on it.  Isn't it lovely I forgot to ask if she made it but I must ask her about it. 

The building that this fair is held in is so impressive and you have gates to go into with some stall outside but still undercover and then you walk up some steps and into the large hall.  Happy faces everywhere with vintage shoppers.  There were lots of people there but is was not over whelming.  As I walked through the gates there were several stalls there and with some lovely faces that I knew.  First person that I spotted was Liz of The Washerwoman fame.  You may all remember that her and her husband Jack are the co organisers of  The Vintage Bazaar and it was lovely to see them both again even if it had only been a week.  Liz and Jack always have some wonderful vintage goodies to tempt and today was no exception.  I found some
wonderful fabric.  This will be in a show and tell later.... It is such a busy week for fairs as well so I will do my very best not to make you all wait too long.  There was so much to look at and see so I said my see you later's and moved around to  look at The Dairy House stall which was next to Liz and Jack.  Always some lovely items on this stall.  Some of you may know that The Dairy House is a huge antique and vintage shop in its own right and in April it will host its own vintage fair.  I will be doing some more fair dates next week for you all.

As you can see these were the first two stalls and I was already having to pace myself.

Along from the Dairy House was this fantastic stall and not only did it have some lovely garden products but there were textiles as well.  Yes you guessed it I did buy some textiles from here.  The couple who own it told me its a sort of hobby rather than a business but they have the eye for some great vintage goodies I can tell you.  There were stone urns for the garden and large tin baths and iron things as well it was really lovely to look around and I had never seen them before so it was so exciting to see.  They called themselves Garden Artifacts.

Then who did I spy but the lovely Jenny of Tilly-D with her fabulous display of gorgeous textiles and fabrics along with some really beautiful blue and white china as well.

I was undone I can tell you, all this beautiful
vintage textiles and goodies and I had not even gone inside yet ... I stopped and we had a little chat and caught up a bit.  We have planned to meet up for coffee and a chat in the next few weeks because Jenny is always busy at these events.  Her eye for beautiful things for her business means that people flock around to look and buy so I like to not take up her time when she is needed to answer questions. But before I disappeared I bought a little something from her too!

As you can see from the photo on the left it was such a hard job not to come away with most of her display.....

Finally I reached the doorway and paid my £1 entry fee, which is well worth it I can tell you and there as I walked through the doorway was the lovely Maud again from Beyond France with her beautiful cushions and linens.  I was eyeing up some beauties and being really good as you know before I move.  I have to de-clutter to sell our home and cant keep bringing more in.  It is not to bad in my sewing room because everything practically has its place but I have to stop buying for a cottage I  do not have yet or seen even lol......  I have decorated it in my head, which is typical of an Arty person.  Look at the photo and you will see the restraint I had.

Look at that blue and white vintage linen ... really how on earth did I manage to walk away.

Next to Maud was the organiser of this fabulous fair Elaine and she owns Ted and Bunny.  You may
all remember I bought some really pretty vintage paisley from her at the Vintage Bazaar and we had a discussion about her sourcing some more for me.  I also love to buy vintage suitcases from Elaine as well when she has them.  I did not buy anything from her today but indeed put in an order for my wish list so that I can catch up with her in a few weeks and hopefully she will have sourced some bits that I need.  Her stall looked lovely and soon there were lots of people trying to get to speak to her and of course look at all the vintage goodies on display so I left her and started to move around the hall in a anti clock wise fashion ( as that side was less busy at the time for photos)

So I made my way over to a very pretty stall where this lady makes things from felts and vintage fabrics.  There were pictures and brooches and other lovely bits and bobs.  It is called Meninafeliz and as you can see from the photo on the right her sewing is beautiful.

This lady also crochets little flower brooches with vintage buttons in the middle of buttons covered in vintage fabrics.  I loved the hare picture, as you know I love hares and make a lot of hare pictures myself.  This one is 3D with a felt hare attached to the picture.

Along from there was Marina of Vintage Jane and as you may or may not remember she won the prize on my blog for a book.  She told me not to post it and that she would be at this vintage fair and to bring it along.  I remembered too, because that was my worry that I would forget and have to post it anyway.  She was thrilled.  I had wrapped it up as well so it looked like a pretty parcel.  Later in the day she messaged me and said how pleased she was with her prize.  Well I also took some photos of her lovely stall and I did buy a little something from her as well.  There was so much to choose from all around but I am really very pleased with my purchase ... to be shown later as you know.

Then I came across Louise Harris Craft and Design.  Now I have bought from Louise before but we have spoken via mail but I had never met her before so it was a really lovely surprise.  Louise knits and crochets and makes stunning handbags and purses to name a few things.  She hand embroiders to embellish too.  I have a beautiful handbag from Louise already and I have commissioned another one but I bought a purser from her and it will be in the show and tell.  Louise also make bunnies that are filled with lavender.  Everything Louise makes has attention to detail and her bags are always lined with beautiful fabrics.  I have a cranberry red colour one at the moment and I have ordered one as I said so when that is finished I will show you but for now can you guess from the photos which purse came home with me?

Moving along and by now the hall was pleasantly full of happy vintage treasure hunters and people catching up.  It is lovely because you hear oh I found you .. I love your work or I read your blog, the happy chatter and smiles is all part of the vintage world, we are a happy bunch.

I came across Jelly Jam and I had heard of this lady before from somewhere so it was lovely to put a face to the name.

She covers lampshades with beautiful vintage fabrics and also knits and makes.  This was a beautiful stall full of wonderful up cycled vintage fabrics made into wonderful things for your home.  It was eye catching and colourful.

Next door was Julie Penney of Aunt Jane's Attic and again this was a colourful and eye catching stall with handmade items from vintage fabrics, vintage jewellery and pictures.  It was so pretty.  I managed a few photos but the stall had lots of people around it looking and purchasing.  On Julie's card she gave me there is a quote from Mae West ..." Too much of a good thing can be wonderful"
I could not agree more really.  Anyway we had a little chat and I moved away letting others get in there to purchase.

I only moved next door to her because the was a lovely stall called Peggyrae and it smelt divine because this lady makes candles but they are in vintage cups and saucers, glass jelly moulds and even vintage gravy boats.  It looked lovely and the smell as I said before was super.  Nothing was over powering just gentle scents that reminded me of the Summer to come ( I hope).

In addition to that she had little bags of lavender to pop into your wardrobe to not only make it smell good but to deter moths .....

There was bits of vintage fabrics used to tie on the labels and it made it all look really very pretty and inviting.

There was such a wonderful mix of stalls selling different and exciting things.  I love to truffle around and see what there is and always keeping an eye for vintage paisley's (shocker) and vintage linens for my work but love to look at others beautiful work too.  It is inspiring and sometimes you see something similar to something you have designed and made but never the same.

Opposite was Jenny Jones and I do see this lady at the Vintage Bazaar events from time to time and always Jenny has an eclectic selection of vintage goodies and today was no exception to the rule. You really need to spend time looking because if you go to fast you miss something great.

Then I had a bit of a surprise as one of my mums friends was there and she owns Joule Designs.  Now I know her work and it is stunning.  She makes animals from wire and they are amazing along with slate house names and signs.  I remember once she made a huge peacock and I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life.  Take a look at the hares running and the stag head along with the kingfisher.

She is so talented and clever and I can tell you when I move I would like a house sign and three running hares to start me off .....

Then smiling and laughing in the corner was the lovely Emma from Little Wren Vintage as you know I had seen her at the vintage fair on Saturday but it was so busy we really did not get to talk at all so we spent some time really catching up and laughing as we always do.  I was able to look at her stall properly and I bought some bits from Emma.  I had picked up something on Saturday but I really could not get that close to really have a proper look so this was a real bonus to see her at Blandford.  These guys work so hard going all across the country doing vintage fairs day after day.

Look how lovely everything looked and the ladder with vintage quilts!!!

I was on the home stretch now and had a few parcels in my shopping bag ( one that Emma had made from vintage fabric)  It holds a good amount and has a little pocket for your keys, phone and purse.

Saying my goodbyes I was on to the next stall called Le Shed and this had some vintage linens and fabrics along with glassware and a little haberdashery as well.  There was a great selection of what seemed to be 1960/70 fabrics for anyone who is in to that era, they are not for me as my taste is not that bold and bright but wow what a great selection if you are.

Moving along I found Silken Tent Vintage who had textiles, teddies, pictures and china ware to name just a few things.  Again this was a stall you needed to really stand and look at as it was beautifully displayed with great vintage goodies everywhere you stared.

There were large baskets at the front with beautiful vintage eiderdowns for beds and lace and fabrics and a basket of hand embroidered linens to tempt all.

China jugs and cups and saucers were on display and I had never seen this lady before so it was so lovely to meet her. This lady is on Facebook and also tells me in a couple of weeks her website will be up and running so I will give you that too.

Finally my last stall I visited  (because now it was lunchtime and I had a good hour drive back and I new I had lots of work to do, not only collating photos from two vintage fairs but I had to at least do a little stitchery)  This was a lovely stall and very pretty with all the vintage goodies almost blending in colour.

It had a Spring time feels to it with Easter thrown in.  There were painted children size chairs, green glass ware, china jugs and plates along with some ornaments and children's toys.

If you would like to see more you can go to

So this was my time up at this great yearly event in Blandford.  I would like to thank Elaine for all her hard work in bringing us this great fair and I look forward to any more she may plan.  If you have never been to the Vintage at the village vintage fairs then it really is one you should put in your diary, believe me you will not be disappointed.

Well have a great day and I am off to London to the Country Living fair which I will let you all know about later next week.

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!


  1. What a great write-up about this lovely fair. Glad you had a great time and managed to find plenty of treasures to purchase! I am loving my book! M x

  2. M .. So pleased you love book. Thank you glad you enjoyed blog.

    Sarah xx