Tuesday 22 March 2016

Spring Country Living Fair 2016

 I think London’s sexy because it’s so full of eccentrics.  - Rachel Weisz

When I travel to London I always go on the train with my husband who works there and commutes daily.  He luckily does do some days working from home now but I pick the days when he is in the City to go up and back on the train with him.

Going is very civilised as we get a warm drink from a good drinks van at the station and then sip at that and have a little chat, mostly though we both work on the train when the wifi allows it.  If I finish what I need to be doing on the train I people watch and I try (and fail bitterly sometimes not to stare) The quote from Rachel Weisz is correct eccentrics seem to pour in and out and live in our Capitol and I love the quirky dress and the way no one is self conscious  at all of how they look or what they wear.  On the way back on the train we normally have a gin and tonic and talk about our day for a while.  My husband then has to work for a bit and I busy myself with collating all the photos that I have take that day.

Normally if I am going to London we meet for lunch but not on the day that I am at this show.  I had
a VIP ticket and I have some lunch in the restaurant inside.  I was going up to look around and to find the vintage stalls but also to meet up and see Jo Butcher who was exhibiting there with her beautiful hand embroidery pictures that she makes.  As you can see on the right this is the lovely Jo and her work is exquisite .... Might have bought one too!!!

The Country Living Fair is held at the business centre in Islington and I normally jump in a cab from Waterloo and go directly there.  There is normally a small queue but there are several doors to go in and with my coveted VIP ticket I normally do not have to wait too long to get in and hand in my coat and walk into wonderland..... And this day was no exception it was straight in.

There were a few stalls selling vintage and lots of jewellery stalls (actually too many I thought) and lots of handmade stalls which was great to see.

It is not like our vintage fairs though where you are able to take photos of the stalls because the volume of people is immense so I have just snapped a few photos for you.  Knowing Jo I was able to get some snaps as this was my first point of call and I found her straight away.

I met some great new people and it was a really lovely day.  I met the ladies from Daisy and Grace and they make patchwork patterns and have fat quarters of fabrics and lots of scrummy things to tempt the quilter.  Such lovely lovely ladies and it was so great to meet them.  There were some beautiful designs and there are some new designs being launched soon ... plus they are going on the Create and Craft channel and when I get the date I will let you know for all you patchworkers out there.....

There was a huge vintage stall called Simply Vintage Designs and it had great buttons, threads, hankies, fabrics, china, inspiration packs and all sorts of goodies and I was able to snap away on this lady's stall who was really helpful whilst taking them.  I bought some great bits from here including so vintage silver cake forks .....and buttons and things  .. grin!

I found Chloe Designs as well and there were some great vintage linens on offer and so two came home with me ... Again Chloe was very helpful in letting me photograph for you.  Chloe also makes tiny hearts from antique fabrics and fills them with lavender and does her own gorgeous embroidery as well on cushion or she had some panels she had embroidered so that people to buy them and make cushion from them or simply frame them ....

With all the lavender filled things her stall smell divine plus it helped that behind her there was a dried flower stall with lavender and roses and all sorts of beautiful smelling a gorgeous looking things on offer.

I had to come away with some bits for the house and they are out now and it smells like Summer in here with roses and lavender wafting around...... So looking forward to the Spring/Summer now for lots of reasons including getting rid of my cough, which comes back with vengeance in the cold air.

Look at the stag head all made from tiny red rose buds!!

As you walk through the show doors there was a display of beach huts with a boat with bunting outside full of fresh flowers and inside one of them it was made like an office .... It was fabulous.

I was able to snap away at this because people tend to get inside and almost run to the stalls to be able to get in to them and look.  Each stall has three walls .. a back and two sides so each exhibitor can decorate it as they choose, add dressers inside and and shelves and design their own little shop in a way.  Only the very large stalls tend not to have sides and are at the ends of each row.

I had a nice lunch in the VIP lounge and a few coffees which are complimentary and you receive a goody bag to take on home with you.

This was only a tiny peek I am afraid but it is worth it if you have never been to get a ticket and make the journey one day to one of their fairs.  The Christmas ones are much bigger and then you get lots of food stalls that are on another level.

Some exhibitors do both the fairs and some only do Christmas it seems so I suggest you look online to see who will be there if you are looking for someone in particular.

Jo Butcher and her beautiful embroidery pictures is always at both so you can be sure to see this talented ladies work when you go.

Hope you enjoyed this tiny peek ... Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!

This is a small video I took of the fair after 10 minutes of it opening .....  Enjoy