Wednesday 2 March 2016

Hand stitched small sampler ready for framers ....

You never know when you
are making a memory or
indeed stitching a future heirloom.

Keeping my hands busy whilst being under the weather kept me sane and kept me doing what I was told because my mind and hands were at work.  Although the first week I spent in bed sleeping, the second week I was ready to sit by the fire but needed to do something so my pre prepared project baskets came into their own.

I have stitched this as a small 8" x 8" sampler and I have now to decide to attach to other fabric like the beautiful ticking that I have found or just have it laced and framed ..... I can not decide. The picture below on the right shows you what I am playing with to add to be framed.....

When they are stretched they look so much better .. please forgive the photography on this as it was not even pressed at the time but there it is.  There is also a stunning antique mother of pearl large button stitched on it which I did not seem to capture in my photo ... Its my coughing that week that made it all a bit hap hazard!

I am stitching a series of little samplers and am enjoying it thoroughly I can tell you. I had a designing day again yesterday and have a few more little samplers ready to jump off the page and become a reality in my stitching baskets.  This wet weather I am not venturing out in.  I have plenty to do and a stitching room full of stock so until the weekend I am firmly indoors.

Having so many stunning hand dyed silk threads that I bought in America and sorting through colours and blending them and merging them together keeps me sat for at least an hour happily whilst recouping and keep warm.  Open fire crackling in the back ground and thank goodness ladies for on line food shops !!On the darker grey wet days like this week I have lots of candles lit as well so there is light in the dark corners that also gives a warmth to the room as well some how.

So now it is decide the finishing touches to this little sampler and keep on stitching!

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching!

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