Sunday 27 March 2016

Happy Easter to you all!

I hope you are all having a lovely Easter break, we certainly are here at Homespun HQ!  Little tiny chocolate eggs to nibble on.  Time out with family and friends and a little sneaking stitchery for me too.  I does not seem like working just a joy to sit and not think work, just sew.

HQ is done up in all its Easter finery and the sun has appeared several times ....

I was thinking that I never really do Easter stitchery as such and I must design something for our home to put up once a year like I do at Christmas, Halloween and the seasons too I suppose.

I change over bedding for Spring/Summer, Autumn and Winter and the patchwork quilts and cushions on the beds change.  We are now into Spring in our bedding and as you will see the snoozing hare who lives with us is loving the change...

So I think I must design a picture/sampler for our home to put up yearly and it will become another tradition in our house...

I must show you what I found in a charity shop for £4 and is now washed and in pride of place and filled with tiny chocolate eggs .... have a look at this, isn't it cute...

Anyway I leave you all now and have a wonderful Easter Day and do not forget to pop back tomorrow as there is a great blog ... I have something to show you all.

Happy Easter and as always Happy Stitching!

Easter Poem.....

When Easter comes the violets lift

Their shyly hooded faces.
Where late the frozen snows adrift
Heaped high the woodland spaces.
When Easter comes the sunbeams dance
On green leaves all a quiver,

And grasses rally, spear and lance,
By rippling brook and river.

When Easter comes the lilies haste
What time the bells are ringing,
To bring their perfumes, pure and chaste,
From hallowed censers swinging.

Shine dim church aisles on Easter day
Beneath their serried whiteness,
And happy children kneel and pray
Amid the lilied brightness.

When Easter comes, a merry train,
The robin, wren, and starling,

With song and wing are here again,
And many another darling.
The bluebird and the oriole,
The martin and the swallow,
“Away,” they chant, “with grief and dole,
Here’s spring, and summer ‘ll follow!”

Poem by Margaret E Sangster


  1. Have a good Easter. I have been putting cartoons on my blog for Easter....
    Julie xxxxxx