Saturday 26 March 2016

How to Blend Embroidery Floss || KIN DIY

Good Morning All I hope you are having a great Easter break.

Well this is a great little video to show you how to blend two different embroidery colour threads.  I have never separated threads like she does in this video but it seems to work beautifully so I learnt
something new when I saw this.

You can buy mixed blends of embroidery thread but this tutorial shows you how easy it can be to mix your own.

This is a great little video to watch and brings a whole new dimension to your stitchery if you use this method for certain designs.  So why not make a warm drink and enjoy this little tutorial....


  1. That video is interesting, not sure I could separate thread like that though.
    Julie xxxxxx

    1. I know Julie .. Neither could I but as you say interesting all the same! X

  2. Awesome embroidery video you have shared here. I think it'sdifficult to separate the thread, but I want to try this. If you are looking for unique embroidery designs, I suggest you to visit