Friday 4 March 2016

Tiny hand sewn dress with antique lace and hand embroidery ....

Buttons and patches and cold winds blowing
my day pass quickly when I am sewing!

Oh brrrrrrrr is it just me or is it so very very cold.  I am so thankful for my warm home and fire and the fact that I can sit and stitch ....

My next piece to show you is a tiny dress that I have made for a piece that I am working on.  It will be pinned to some vintage linen ( literally using vintage pins) and I am going to stitch some words as well but the dress is finished.

It has a beautiful antique silver brooch attached to it along with something you will recognise one of my little patches that I stitched that just seemed perfect plus some extremely old lace for the lace hem of the dress.

This was a first for me and I made it from scratch with no paper pattern, I just cut it out and started stitching ... I was 50/50 if the finished article looked like a dress but to my happiness and yes relief it does.

I have enjoyed doing this project so much and of course when it is finished and framed I think it will be just the ticket.   It is so much fun working in miniature.... Although the dress is 14 inches long and about five inches wide on the bodice and a bit larger on the fuller linen skirt.

I think the words I am going to stitch on this are 'bloom where you are planted' but I have a couple more so I am going to have to make my mind up to complete this project but I think the above saying is the winner .... what do you think?

As I am feeling a bit better I am going to make up some more project baskets for me to stitch next week, which I do love doing.  It was so easy when I felt bad to just pick up one and get on with the
delicious task of hand stitching and embroidery.  Also I must write my list for the Vintage Bazaar tomorrow ... yes excitement because I am going dressed like a snowman but I am going out for a while.  My husband is driving me and I can sit and look at the countryside and all the Spring flowers along the way.....

I am looking for some more vintage carved mother of pearl buttons, paisley's (of course) and linens to stitch on.

You know I stitched a banner for my business last year, well I really was not that happy with it so I unpicked it all ... my pet hate but there it is.  The fabric was saved for something else and I found another bit that makes me very happy so I will show you next week as I have started it and it should be finished by early next week.  I am also working on a lovely Wedding Sampler too.... busy busy stitching but loving it.  Hand stitching is a gentle art and not run around heavy work that makes me have coughing fits so it is perfect.  I am resting but achieving ... win win situation!

There is a lovely little  video for you to watch tomorrow so do not forget to come back and look and of course next week  I will show you the Vintage Bazaar ....

Take care and as always Happy Stitching!


  1. Very lovely and sweet! Love it!!

    1. Thank you Diane ... I hope you are well and say hello to the lovely Boston for me xx