Thursday 18 June 2015

Wordsworth, vintage threads, stunning antique fabrics and antique carved buttons!

 Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.
William Wordsworth.

When I am designing a picture to make I always like a saying or quote to go along with it the majority of the time.  I love some of the old poets and as you all know Shelley, Byron and Wilde are amongst my absolute favourites but I do love William Wordsworth also.  I have two very old little books that are Wordsworth and I cherish them.  I love to read and look through their dear little fragile pages sometimes..... It is a peaceful pass time.

I am designing a picture and looking at sayings, quotes and poetry to see what might fit along side its embroidery and applique to be read and loved..

I have been sorting threads, looking at vintage embroidery books and sorting through antique transfers for inspiration ..

Loving this part of a project so much and this one is rather special and for publication so it has to be just so in my humble opinion.  Piling up vintage beautiful fabrics and threads and bits and bobs and stepping back and staring at the thrown together displays helps me decide on designs and colours of fabrics and hues of threads to be used.

Loving, as I do, my work and what a sense of achievement I personally get from thinking of
something different to stitch is immense.  It is so lovely when people like what you have worked on.  It takes so much time and you hope that others will see the beauty in what you are trying to achieve and stitch.

I do have a mammoth job when selected fabrics, I only buy what I love and so when you have such wonderful choices as this picture will show you ( tip of the iceberg, let me be honest here) then the job in hand can be a little tricky as to how long it might take to choose... (grin) it's not a hardship, may I point out, but there are slight time limits as to how many hours can go by being spent on this pleasure!

So today I have got a few out and will go back and look at them later to eliminate, then get some more out and do the same.... Then it will be the final of 4 and then the choice will have to be made.  For now though it is getting on with my stitching.  

I can not believe it is Friday already.  Do not forget my lovely readers that is STITCH OF THE WEEK tomorrow once more, so please pop back to have a watch of the great tutorial I have lined up for you all.  Have a wonderful weekend all and Happy Stitching!

Poetry is spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings:  It takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility 
William Wordsworth


  1. I agree Sarah... handmade is only half the story, all the time collecting the perfect textiles and cultivating the seed of an idea......pleasurable is time consuming!

  2. It is so true, it is very time consuming but no complaints here as it is enjoyable but sometimes there is just not enough hours in the day! xx