Tuesday 30 June 2015

Sarah Moore's Summer pop up Vintage fair ....

It was lovely to return to Sarah's home again, where she lives is beautiful and when we arrived it was buzzing with excitement.
 The big paddock was open for parking and as we got out of the car Sarah opened the side gate to us and in her hand was a beautiful plate full of hand made scones and bramble her black Labrador was sniffing the air  with excitement ( you could see that she thought yum someone must drop a little piece of some of these lovely smells!)

There was seating outside the pop up vintage cafe and there were beautiful things everywhere including plants for sale.  Everything had been merged so that it looked like one big home in way and there were some beautiful pieces outside as well as inside the big
barn as well.

The weather was fabulous and the sun shone and it was wonderful wandering around looking at all the amazing vintage things on offer to buy.

I made a few little purchases and then we went to sample those scones, which were delicious.  They even had my favourite jam (blackcurrant) which which was yummy!  The temporary cafe had drinks on offer and freshly brewed coffee plus lots of different cakes as well, however I had a scone.

One lady had brought some of her eggs to sale from her hens that she had collected that morning, and you really could not get fresher than that.

I met a few people there that I knew only as social media friends but we actually met in the flesh so that was wonderful as we all caught up on what we were making and doing.

There was a bit of a buzz there as the BBC were present as well ( but that is another story) but they mingled and so everyone just got on with chatting to one another and making their lovely purchases.

It was a very casual and relaxed few hours we spent there and when we said our goodbyes my husband and I went to a couple of little towns to have an explore and a light lunch before we headed home to the South Coast, stopping in the New Forest for our dinner.  The weather was beautiful and the Forest with the deer and the ponies was a lovely end to a lovely day.

Sarah has two more of these events planed for this year One in September and her Christmas one in December.  I would again like to thank Sarah and her husband for a lovely welcome and their hospitality.

Bramble laying in the sun but near the scones! She is one cute
little girl  and she has grown so much from earlier this year.

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