Thursday 4 June 2015

Log cabin ruler, knitting bombing and some serious stitching!.....

“They say when you are missing someone that they are probably feeling the same, but I don't think it's possible for you to miss me as much as I'm missing you right now” 
 Edna St. Vincent Millay

Yesterday was a very strange day,  I really missed writing this blog... It was so strange indeed.  I started this blog in August 2013 and even when I have gone away there has been some sort of blog going along.

Having said that I did achieve an awful lot, even if this little blog was always on my mind... how strange is that.

I had to go and get some more cream and white cotton for my sewing machine at my local little stitching shop in Southbourne.  It really does sell all sorts of things from embroidery threads, buttons, elastic, knitting needles and every needle that you may require plus things like face clothes and hand towels.....  I love going in and I had a little browse ( although I should not have as I am trying to get more stitching done) however I like to see if there is anything new in there so that if I need something or indeed I am asked about things I can direct them to this little shop.  If we do not use our local shops we will loose them so they have my patronage where possible.  As I was walking back I noticed that the little knitting and crochet cafe that opened last year had done some great bombing
and I had to take some photos for you to see.... It was strange because as I was taking photos, people were stopping to see what I was doing, can you believe they did not see it for themselves!!!  We are all in such a rush these days I am not sure what we actually miss, me included!.....

As you can see from the photos that I took, it was not a small amount and was from post to post and they had decorated the empty council flower baskets as well.....  The knitted baubles hung and swayed in the breeze..

Anyway I walked back and then sorted out my sewing machine ready to stitch anything that I needed to stitch along the way.  There is nothing more annoying than starting to sew and the cotton or the bobbin runs out, so now it is fully loaded and ready.

My Log cabin ruler arrived as I told you and I had a half an hour reading how to use it and what to do.  Gosh this is fabulous you know.  I had never heard of it before and it was a good friend and very clever quilter that told me about it the other week when we caught up with a coffee and a scone.  She had said about it being stitched in the ditch.  This is where the quilting is done in the seams and it really will not work if your patchwork is not straight and equal....    I trust Suzy with my quilting queries because boy oh boy she is talented with quilting and patchwork.  I went to her to be taught the art a few years ago and I really learnt so much.
and thought if I was going to make log cabin squares this would be the way to go so that if my squares are really quiet equal and straight THEN maybe this patchwork quilt I want to make can be quilted as I would really like ....

Then I sorted out the Vintage sheet that I want to use for my log cabin strips and it is a beauty.  It is French and like a light stone colour ( kind of between white and cream)  I have been collecting some beautiful vintage embroidered linens to cut up to add to it and also some wonderful vintage embroidery threads to do my own embroidery on this dream quilt of mine.  I have looked out some wonderful vintage fabrics as well and I have written down some sayings and names that I would like to stitch on to it.  So my quilt is now ready for me  to do some cutting at the weekend...... ( I will take some photos for you so that you can see its progress as I go along, it will be a labour of love I can assure you and not a quick project but I will tackle it square by square!) plus I must still keep stitching my red and white sampler as well.

Now you may say well Sarah this is all very well but were you not suppose to be getting stitching done for things that need completion ...... Yes but by now it is only 10am!  you see this blog can take hours to do with taking photos, photo shopping them so you can see them properly and deciding what to write and then checking it all.... Then of course it is all the social media to promote it all that goes with it so yesterday I was able to do the above and still then sit and stitch....

I am in a middle of a picture for publication and I can not show you really but I have taken a photo of a little snippet of my embroidery..... What do you think thus far!!  I really did get lots of hand embroidery done and had a walk too ( even in the rain) My day was very productive indeed...

So you see I really did get lots done yesterday on my trial day off of blogging!... It was like handing over your baby for the first time to someone else to mind ( you think to yourself wow I can do this and that and not have to worry, when in fact all you do is think about that child all day and worry anyway!!)

I have several projects to complete and I am going to get my head down again today.  I got up extra early today so that I could talk to all of you and also tell you I am getting together a goody pack as a prize as well.  This competition will run on my Homespun Stitchworks Facebook page so watch out for it......

I have set out my stitching for today so I am off to settle down to it.  I have heard tomorrow that it may thunder ( so no stitching in the garden for me then!!)

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!

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