Saturday 27 June 2015

Open Chain Stitch

Her needlework both plain and ornamental was excellent, and she might have put a sewing machine to shame.  ~James Edward Austen-Leigh, about Jane Austen

It's Stitch of the week time again! where do our weeks go? and it's the end of June....

Well today it is open chain stitch and this is such a great stitch, you can leave is as is or fill it in.  You can do any shape with it, it really is versatile and beautiful.

As always the lovely Mary Corbet is going to take us through our paces.
So make a drink and enjoy this tutorial and if any of you have a go, please leave a message on here as I would love to hear from any of you about what you think or what you have done.

Have a wonderful weekend and as always Happy Stitching!

Look at the shapes that you can achieve with this stitch!

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