Sunday 28 June 2015

Hand stitching --- In the garden, what a joy!

Little things seem nothing, but they give peace.  Like those meadow flowers which individually seem odourless but all together perfume the air.

Georges Bernanos

I simply adore what I do, I love getting up in the morning and bloging and checking emails to answer and the social media whirl, then it is setting up my days stitching.  I either stitch or design or indeed split the day up by doing both.  

Having said that, one of life's pleasures of working from home, is as long as I am working I can decide where to do it and at the moment the weather is beautiful and I choose outside sat at our garden furniture with the large umbrella up so that the sun does not damage the vintage fabrics that I am working on and so that I can see what I am stitching.

Watching the birds on the feeders I have hanging from our pear tree and the butterfly's and bees busy with their daily routines as I sit quietly stitching listening to nothing but

I have three projects on the go at the moment so basically three baskets of work.  One I only do for so long at the moment as there are lots and lots of French Knots to be stitched and I do have a break from that after a while and stitch something else so that my eyes uncross!!!

The garden is blooming and it really is a pleasure to stitch out there on great days, however, if it is raining and not cold I can stitch under the umbrella and not get wet and heart he rain tapping on the brolly and if it is cold then I curl up in an armchair and stitch there.... I am a lucky lady.

I have been sorting through my threads ( the ones that I buy in America, the hand dyed Shaker ones) and getting just the right blends, as one of the pieces I am stitching has lots of flowers in it.  I am happy to say we are returning to America this year again so I have been taking stock of what I need to order ahead of our visit later this year ( I can not wait!)  Also where I can, I do use vintage threads and I often use normal cotton thread on a single strand if is is a delicate flower of some sorts.  I have just taken delivery of some absolutely stunning green ribbon and I may use some of that in a picture I am doing as kind of grass ( I can not explain fully as I have not fully decided how it would be done but watch this space!)

Anyway I must away and stop talking about it and actually get going.  I did manage to do a little more cutting out of my vintage linen log cabin quilt at the weekend so that pleased me.  I went to a vintage fair too so read all about that tomorrow....

Have a great day and of course Happy Stitching!

Memories are stitched with love........

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