Thursday 25 June 2015

Hand stitching and Embroidery ..... I am never happier!

Some may wonder if hand sewing, with its seemingly endless stitches,
 has a real place in today's busy home. 
Just as comfortable a place, we reply, as the rocking chair in the nursery. 
--Sarah Howard Stone

Having been asked why I do not do more machine work or machine embroidery! trying to hold my voice at a reasonable tone  ... simply I prefer hand stitching and embroidery.  Now before some might shout at me for this, I do stitch things on my machine if it is say a Christmas stocking or some of the wall hangings which need some real strength to them as well as cushion covers but pretty hand stitching and embroidery, to me, still looks better than machine embroidery....  Also I like the art of hand embroidering and being curled in a chair doing so...

I believe that there is still a place for it in our busy lives, it just depends on what you like doing with your free time or as a job.  I prefer stitching and reading to TV, that is my personal preference.  It is what we choose to make time for.  If people prefer machine embroidery then that is their proactive but me well it just does not have the look that I like.
Personally I  wish they would teach it in schools in needlework.  I feel with all the options of today they should.  There are the artist of us who need to learn not just making an apron and a skirt or a bean bag frog .... there is crochet and embroidery and invisible mending!... 

As for me, I  enjoy teaching myself a new stitch as well, it gives me such pleasure and then designing something that I may use my new found talent on.

With each stitch of a feather of a bird, the bark on a tree or flowers in meadow in a picture that I stitch is brings my pleasure and a sense of achievement.  I think maybe when we do move I will give some lessons maybe or volunteer at a junior school to do a little embroidery course with them and try and get them hooked at an early age!! ( one woman crusader!!)

Applique I enjoy as well, both the invisible kind and when I embroider the edges to secure it in place ( I like to do that on a house/cottage roof as to me it looks more rustic and finished) .. basically I adore my job and what I do and how I go about things in my own way and hope that the finished piece is pleasing to others..

When I start stitching each day I thread my needles, if using several colours I thread one of each to get me started AND sometimes I thread several of the same colour if I am using quiet a bit of it.  This helps me maintain momentum, which I enjoy.  When you are in full flow and have a rhythm going it is frustrating to have to stop and keep threading.

Well it is time for me to get going on with my day and my embroidery.  I hope you have a great day yourself and as always HAPPY STITCHING!

I cannot count my day complete 'til needle, thread and fabric meet.


  1. Hi Sarah, Firstly I love your blog and I am in absolute agreement with you as to hand embroidery. I love to sit and embroider usual while my husband is watching tv, No machine can produce the beauty of hand work. I belong to a quilting group and many of the ladies do exquisite hand quilting - again, to me, more beautiful than machine.

  2. Hello Poppy
    Thank you, yes for me hand embroidery is more beautiful and you h have more control. With a machine it is set to do it a certain way. With me I stand back and think .. just a little stitch here or there (especially on something like a picket fence or tree bark or feathers on a bird) .... Thank you for your kind comments and I am thrilled you like my blog.

    Sarah x

  3. I am so sorry Popsy I spelt your name Poppy ....