Monday 8 June 2015

A Road trip to Killerton House in Exeter...

Today is very exciting as I am off on a Pretty Nostalgic journalist kind of mission.  I am off to Killerton house to meet the textile curator.  There are two of us going and I am very excited.

I will be able to report back to you all later in the week..... Here is a little bit about where I am heading to today .

Killerton is an 18th-century house in Broadclyst, Exeter, Devon., which, with its hillside garden  and estate, has been owned by the National Trust  since 1944 and is open to the public. The National Trust displays the house as a comfortable home. On display in the house is a collection of 18th- to 20th-century costumes, originally known as the Paulise de Bush collection, shown in period rooms.
The estate covers some 2590 hectares (25.9 km2, 6400 acres). Included in the Estate is a steep wooded hillside with the remains of an Iron Age Hill fort on
top of it, also known as Dolbury  which has also yielded evidence of Roman occupation, thought to be a possible fort or marching camp within the Hill fort.
Killerton House itself and the Bear's Hut summerhouse in the grounds are Grade II* listed buildings

So I am a kind of correspondent/journalist for the day and it is a great opportunity that I have been afforded.  I would like to thank Nicola from Pretty Nostalgic for organising this and  the textile curator and staff of Killerton house and hope you will all enjoy the write up later in the week....... I must go ......

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!


  1. Hope you had a wonderful day at Killerton. Look forward to hearing all about it! Lizzie xx

  2. Thank you Lizzie.... It has been a very long day but it was wonderful going behind the scenes xx