Tuesday 17 March 2015

Vintage mothers day wall hanging ... a peek into my design!

Life is the flower of which love
is the honey!

I have enjoyed designing and making a wall hanging dedicated to Mothers Day!  I wanted to make something that would be a thing of beauty forever and I feel I have come up with the goods!

Collecting together bits of antique fabrics, French linens, pieces of antique lace and embroidery and of course buttons and putting them this way and that to make all the components fuse together nicely has been a real joy.

I have had fun with the antique mill wooden spools and it really has worked well, not only as a pretty hanging device but also to weight down the fabric so that it hangs straight and true..

I thought you may like to see a little snippet of my work but the whole thing is for publication so I have been a little careful with my photography....

I am very please with the whole thing and happy with what I have decided to make to actually hang this stunner!

I have made it and now it is wrapped in tissue paper carefully.  I think I will be doing some more wall hangings, not just for an occasion but to actually adorn a wall for the sheer beauty of them.  It really is fun gathering bits and bobs to make them and you can use scraps that actually mean something to you and not just antique bits you find.
 Part of your child's first outfit or your grandmothers hanky .... anything and everything can be utilised and given a new lease of life.  Bits that would normally just stay in a drawer are all stitched and embroidered together and on display once more...

So dear readers here's you little peek and I will now be off to my stitchery room and pick up another basket and get on with my stitching , but first I might have a little play around to see what other wall hanging I can come up with that is different... What fun!

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!


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