Thursday 12 March 2015

Pretty Nostalgic Magazine ... A vintage beauty!

Spend Wisely
Waste Less
Appreciate More

For those of you who have not been lucky enough to have seen this magazine, it is a must if you adore vintage, up-cycling, stitching, making and a days gone by way of living.

I am a business subscriber and very proud to be so, It comes quarterly through the post and it is always a joy to me.  As a business subscriber you will get a chance to be featured in the magazine as well.  Nicole who is the editor and owner works with businesses, which is refreshing.

You do not have to be a business to subscribe and indeed there is the international subscriptions so you do not even have to live in Britain to obtain this amazing magazine..... Those of my readers in America would love this magazine ( especially if you love Downton Abbey) it has that feel to it. With stunning  how to's and photo's to guide you and the calmer life of bygone days, feel to it.

This is what Nicole has to say about her magazine and subscriptions.

The Pretty Nostalgic Society –Creative and sustainable living inspired by the past
Pretty Nostalgic is about hands-on living, heartfelt giving and mindful consumption.
We are actively looking for new members and businesses to join us!
Do you revel in nostalgia? Yearn for gentler, more civilised times? Would you rather live  a more hands-on, less commercialised existence?
Yes? – Then join us – the Pretty Nostalgic Society – the perfect antidote to the greedy, corporate, lacklustre and often unfriendly modern world.
We are a group of history and vintage-loving souls, who delight in our brilliantly British lifestyle. We try to live in a creative and sustainable way, enjoy crafting, making, baking, growing, sewing, brewing, preserving, foraging, upcycling and what’s more we love sharing our skills with others.
We are not about giving up technology and permanently time warping back to the 1940s (Not unless you want to of course!)
We feel that modern ways aren’t always good and that old-fashioned ways weren’t always bad; we strive to find a balance and to live in a way that makes us proud and fills us with a sense of achievement and pleasure rather than purely existing in an out-of-control world, dictated to by others, feeling unsatisfied and surrounded by mass consumer tat!
We are committed to supporting independent British makers, small independent shops and businesses and those who supply handmade, vintage, antique or upcycled goods and services. We want to put our hard-earned cash into the hands of those who deserve it!

Members also receive:
• Exclusive newsletters and competitions
• Exclusive member discounts and special offers
• The chance to take part and contribute or feature in our Publications
• Access to national and regional Pretty Nostalgic Society groups and meetings.
The banner made by Homespun Stitchworks.

Yearly subscription details:

Business £160.00
Over Seas ££56 -£64 ( depending where in the world you live)
Personal subscription £40.00
Contact Nicole

 More subscribers will keep this magazine in print and it would be a awful shame if this was to disappear.   Do you have an outlet to distribute this beautiful magazine?  Then again please get in touch with Nicole to discuss.

 When this beautiful magazine lands on your doormat and you can make a drink and curl up in your favourite chair and marvel at its contents, you will understand why it is a must to keep this stunning publication going...... Join us today!

I am now away to finish the mothers day hanging I am working on and it really is nearly finished!  some sneaky pictures next week!!

Happy Stitching!


  1. That's a brilliant post, I am going to share it (through Facebook) on my Kiss the Book page. Thanks! Jane xx

  2. That's a brilliant post, I am going to share it (through Facebook) on my Kiss the Book page. Thanks! Jane xx

  3. I have shared on the Vintage and Hndmade Fair Facebook page as well as my Country Cottage Chic Facebook pages. X