Tuesday 10 March 2015

My vintage mothers day wall hanging ......

The sweetest sounds to mortals given
are heard in Mother, Home and Heaven.   

William Goldsmith Brown

As I think I have told you all I bought, a while ago, some antique mill thread bobbins and shuttles, well I also bought some antique large spools which were all part and parcel.

I have been experimenting with them and I am using them for different things.  I have designed a mothers day wall hanging and I will be using two of the antique spools for the top and bottom so that the top one can be used for hanging and the bottom, when attached, can be a kind of weight but also balance the wall hanging both in gravity and to the eye.

Having been a hunting and a gathering the other day in Salisbury around the charity shops, I came across some stunning vintage hand embroidered linen pieces.  Which I have since washed and pressed and chopped to pieces! yes dear readers I have.
 Lots of these linens in charity shops have age spots on them or indeed stubborn stains which will not lift.  This then makes them not that lovely to adorn a table, so the other option is always up-cycle.  Cut them about and use the vintage embroidery and also pieces of the plain linen ( that is stain free) for other bits of work to do actually stitch on yourself.

I have been gathering really stunning antique carved mother of pearl buttons and ribbons.  Also the only thing not vintage is some printed ribbon I bought with 'mothers love' printed on it through out.  It is linen weave ribbon and will blend perfectly.

In addition I will be hand embroidering a small poem on there as well.  Adding on all sorts of beautiful hand stitchery and quilting.

I thought I would line the back with maybe a piece of vintage quilt and then quilt through the front in places as well.  I will possibly make some bias binding from vintage paisley to edge it at the side as the top and bottom will be rolled around the spool and stitched.

I am going to make one for my mum (its ok she does not have a computer, actually hates them so therefore does not read this blog - just collects every magazine I am published in!)
Also I will do another one for publication, this one my mum will see and then I will get a grin and she will say 'Sarah, you made one of those for me!' .....

I have had such fun hunting further a field in the charity shops.  It is surprising the difference that a change of town makes, as to what can be found and up-cycled..

Well I have lots of hand stitching to do today to finish my mums wall hanging sampler so I will away to my basket of stitching and cosy down in my chair....

Have a wonderful day and Happy Stitching!


  1. How clever you are and how lovely that looks. I am looking forward to seeing how it goes. Jane xx