Tuesday 3 March 2015

My new vintage family tree journal design....... A little peek!

Strong roots produce beautiful leaves.

With the ever popular pursuit of finding out about our family history I have designed a new vintage journal cover.  

It is so important when you begin to search your genealogy that you keep very good notes.  What you find, where you find it, sources etc etc.   This ensures that you do not keep going over old unfruitful ground, equally if you get past a certain year and have not found anything and you need to re-check records, you know which ones to check and for whom.

This journal cover will come with a beautiful A5 journal inside with either lined or blank pages.  When you fill up your journal you just need to buy another one and swap the cover over on to your fresh book.....

Made from vintage French linen and antique paisley fabrics with some hand embroidery, this is a lovely gift for someone or a present to yourself to keep all the precious history information.  I am making myself one as well!!!

There will also be some stunning vintage mother of pearl buttons attached to this beauty and this will just add to the design and make it even prettier....

I keep journals myself as you know, write it down and it is always at hand and not forgotten.

This journal that I am designing, once filled with the history of someone's family is such a wonderful heirloom of the future to pass down to child, grandchild and great grandchildren.....

I have been busily stitching my latest sampler design but when the light fades I then go to my work room and get a project basket ready so that it is easy to pick up and continue with.  

Beautiful very old paisley fabrics that used to be eiderdowns in the thirties and forties are now going to adorn antique French linen from 1900 's and be stitched together with delicious mother of pearl buttons and embroidery.....
I have started getting it all ready.  I have made vintage paisley bias binding which matches the lining on the reverse of the French linen and I have drawn the design on the journal.  In addition I have started cutting out the design from the paisley's, chosen the threads and the basket is on my work room table ready to go....

I hope you enjoy your peek, as always the design is protected under the homespun stitchworks label for publication.....  If you are interested in ordering one of these please message me.  Thank you.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I am so pleased to have found your blog, I love it. See you at the Vintage Bazaar x

  2. I am so pleased to have found your blog, I love it. See you at the Vintage Bazaar x

  3. Thank you Jane and yes see you there on Saturday, I will come and find you x

  4. Your journal looks soft and pretty. Linda x

    1. Thank you Linda .. I am pleased with the design and materials chosen. X