Saturday 21 March 2015

Stitch of the week is Coral Stitch ... By Mary Corbet

Coral stitch a very pretty and effective stitch.

The stitch of the week is Coral Stitch brought to you once again by the lovely Mary Corbet.  You can not believe that she basically taught herself to embroider can you?  It gives us all new hope!

This is a very pretty stitch and is a simple but effective border stitch.  You could use on anything you wanted to make such as a cushion cover, a little girls skirt or to frame a piece of work that you have stitched.

I am enjoying the stitch of the week and there are still more to come ( what will we do when all have been shown!)

In addition to a pretty pattern you can do lettering with this stitch and here is a picture to show you what Mary Corbet has done as an example.

So make a warm drink and settle down and watch this tutorial.
I am going to get ready for tomorrow... a vintage fair and I will tell you all about it next week so until then ....

 Have a great weekend and of course,

Happy Stitching!

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