Wednesday 4 March 2015

Vintage monogram transfer booklet .... What a find!

B is for baby!

I have recently done a little shopping on Ebay and found some amazing things as well.  I am not so keen on doing this type of purchasing and the simple reason is, in my line of work, I like to see up close and the fabrics, buttons and books.  There really is nothing like it and of course many a time a photo does not do something justice, I find this with little photos I take for you to look at.

But I have take the bull by the horns and indeed found some wonderful things. I will be showing over the course of this month.  Today however is a little pink booklet with the transfers in for monograms.

I got this booklet because it contained lots of the letter B and that I thought would be fabulous for nursery samplers.  These are 1930 transfers and they really are beautiful.  All I have to do is iron it on some beautiful French antique linen and then with white thread embroider the letter (in raised satin stitch ... this has been shown in my stitch of the week series)  

So with these beauties firmly in my possession I will be able to do some designs with these in mind.  I am watching some more and would like a few more of these and not just letters but they have some wonderful ones with other designs and letters as well...... Fingers crossed for me winning them.

I am excited as on Saturday I am off to the Vintage Bazaar in Devizes and I will be able to shop the way that really pleases me, up close and personal.  This way I can ask the seller questions and also with fabrics etc I am able to take a really good look....
You can see at the bottom part of the pink little booklet
and then the papers at the top that you
simply put in place and then iron.............

Well I am away to my stitching and working on my bird sampler... have a wonderful day.

Happy Stitching!


  1. They are so beautiful those initial transfers. You make it all sound so easy Sarah! Love Linda x

  2. HonestlyLindait is easy ... They iron on and you follow the lines and satin stitch x