Friday 20 March 2015

New designs for baby samplers .......

 So tiny so small
so loved by all........

Having got orders for new baby samplers I have had to get my thinking cap on.  I know one is going to be a little girl and the other is not known, kept secret from even the parents who feel that knowing would be like opening your Christmas presents in June!

So knowing that one is a little girl I have decided to go down the flowers route with my new found knowledge of meanings.

The hopes and dreams of all parents is that their child will be healthy, happy and always have love so I am going to choose flowers that will represent that.

Firstly Health and energy is carnation. { I will stitch white ones}
Happiness is dandelions 
Love, there are a few to choose from but I have favoured the lavender rose.

I think it is quiet beautiful in its own right....

Then I will be using one of my antique monogram papers with the letter B and iron it on to the vintage French linen and in white satin stitch embroider it on and of course there will be some antique mother of pearl buttons included in this baby sampler as well.  I will stitching on a little poem or saying as well.  The couple are happy not to have her name on there as, well it has not been actually decided yet, they would like to see her little face first and decide..... Which I think is lovely as each new miracle born has their own personality.

The second sampler which has not got to be ready until July, has to be more generic but still with the vintage baby theme.... I prefer ALL samplers to be unique and bespoke anyway and have never stitched of designed two the same....

I will be gathering some exquisite antique French linens, threads, buttons and my ideas and putting them in baskets to start stitching by the end of April... I love doing this and that kind of job is always at the end of the day when the light is fading for stitching, although how lovely that the daylight has gone from disappearing at 3.30 to nearly 6pm!

Anyway I must get my design book and journal out and write down my ideas and have a little look and see if I have all the threads and materials that will be needed and write a list of things that need purchasing, then back to my embroidery and my cosy chair.... I think I will make myself a warm cup of herbal tea as well....

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!

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