Monday 2 March 2015

Stitching a new vintage sampler design..... Stitching winter away!

Tiny little stitches, stitching fills my days!

Having finished the sampler that I fell in love with whilst stitching (slight day of mourning!) I have now embarked on another one.  I showed you little snippets of the last one and because it is for publication I can not show you the finished product yet..... I really would like to as well.  It is now with the photographer to take close up pictures and then it will go to the framer.  When the framing is complete it is back to the photographer to take pictures of it as a whole....  This is exciting for me as the artist licence lies with him as to how he portrays it ......

Firstly it was the process of sketching my design.  This sampler has a bird in it so I have been watching the birds in my garden and they way they sit, look, listen and the colours of them.

 Having decided which garden bird I wanted to stitch it was then trying to match some threads to the colours.  

If the sun is out their colours are different than in the rain, and we have not had too much sun lately it seems.  I have been feeding the birds to encourage them to come to the garden and sat by the window with my camera..... sneaky secret squirrel!

I have chosen the vintage French Linen and have drawn (lightly in pencil) my design and gathered my choice of delicious threads ( personally I really enjoy this part)  I have been gathering everything and placing it in my design basket.....

I have chosen the words that I would like stitched on this sampler and we are off.  I do enjoy starting a new project and I will let you know how this one goes as well.  

The photo above of the bundle of hand dyed threads is not what it looks like ( a birds nest) I do bundle them together to get a sense of blending when I am looking at threads ... it is actually an orderly mess!

The little piece of vintage ribbon on the right that reads Fait maison is some vintage ribbon I have picked up.. I am lucky enough to have  3 meters of it and in English it means homemade!

So I have started and I am away to my favourite stitching chair both for comfort and light, where I will continue with this new design I am doing for publication... In the meantime I will leave you will a little snippet of what is going on.....

Happy Stitching!

All copyrights reserved for Homespun Stitchworks
but I hope you like the peek!

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