Monday 23 March 2015

Bradford On Avon Vintage & Artisan Market ...... Read all about it!

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday!
Bradford on Avon and vintage fair too.

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!  Wandering around a beautiful little town called Bradford On Avon and from 11am there was the vintage and artisan market.... My kind of day. This is what we did yesterday.

Bradford on Avon is sometimes described in guidebooks as the last outpost of the Cotswolds, or a kind of 'mini-Bath' - but such shorthand descriptions capture only a fraction of the charm and variety of this unique town.

Once seen, never forgotten, Bradford on Avon is an architectural treasure chest. Its ranks of dwellings, from tiny weavers' cottages to grand clothiers' houses; handsome public buildings and places of worship and its ancient alleyways and modern estates, reflect the town's development from Iron Age settlement to 21st century working town.

Winding through it all is the River Avon - from the weir at Greenland Mill through the centre of the town, where the Saxons drove their carts across the 'broad ford' that gave the early settlement its name, and on past Barton Farm, the magnificent 14th century Tithe Barn and the country park towards Bath, Bristol and the sea.

This is a lovely little town although on a Sunday most of the shops are shut but there are coffee shops and places to eat open.

The vintage and artisan market was held in St Margarets Hall and the entry fee was £2.  This was a fairly small fair but it had some treasures in store in the way of some beautiful stalls.  As you will have guessed by its name there was vintage stalls and artisan makers there which took on some very different and beautiful things to look at and buy.

For the first time I met a lovely lady named Jane Gooding and her little artisan business is called picpacNaddywac!  Jane makes some stunning things for your home with free motion stitching and fabrics.  She also produces cards as well all from her own designs.  She is a lady after my own heart who likes to keep a sketch journal and is always finding opportunities to sketch her ideas and rush off back home and stitch them. is her web site.....

Then moving on the lovely Jane from 'kiss the book' was there and as helpful as ever.  Selling some stunning vintage book bundles tied with adorable ribbons as well as crafter packs.  Crafter packs are made up by Jane from all sort of papers and postcards.
 Jane explained that some antique books are just beyond repair so she splits them up for her packs and includes all kinds of vintage. goodies therein. Vintage postcards, maps, antique letters in envelopes, music sheets and so so much more.

I am doing a little project with some papers to cover something and have five  of her packs now and have sorted through which pieces I would like for my project.....

As you wander around a fair like this the atmosphere is wonderful
people happily browsing at what is on offer and as always they are buying, which for the stall holders and their lively hood is most important.  In addition every stall holder knows their stuff so are willing and helpful to your personal needs.

Then I went along to Clare,s stall which is always so beautiful.  Clare is one of the ladies who runs and organises the Vintage Bazaar events and she also is very clever at millinery, her hats are stunning and she makes some beautiful things for your home out of vintage goodies and fabrics, she makes some tiny dresses on wire coat hangers which she designed ... I picked up some beautiful pieces of fabric from her ( how she could part with them I really do not know!)

Just opposite Clare was a very tempting and busy artisan stall!  My husband was one of the people admiring the beautifully laid out table.  This was Hannah Wheelers stall and is called Hannalicious.
This incredibly talented lady makes bespoke cakes and OH MY!!!
There were three different types of brownies, chocolate orange, red velvets, snickers and vanilla cupcakes.  Large carrot cake and so many more.....

We did come home with some cakes ourselves (never ever go to a cake stall at 11.00am having not eaten anything and before lunch!!)
I have to say Hannah your cakes are to die for and my personal favourite of the selection we brought home to try was the chocolate orange cup cake or er was it the red velvet ... can not really decide! for individually crafted cakes for any occasion.....

Just to the side of this cake stall was the lovely Emma from Little Wren Vintage and after we had said our hello's she did remark about how was she going to last the day out without getting herself a cake!!
Emma had a stunning selection of vintage French linen sheets, cushions made from scrummy vintage fabrics and quilts and some amazing large tote bags she had made from a beautiful fabric.
 They are fully lined with a small pocket for your phone inside and a large button to secure them  I had to come away with one of those ( this is now my official buying bag as it holds so much, bit like Mary Poppins bag ... never ending space for things!)

This is a picture of my bag and I am thrilled with it ... Thank you

I wandered about all the beautiful stalls and also came home with a vintage blanket as well and my husband bought some beautiful mother of pearl cuff links......

We had a great time at the vintage and artisan fair, there were stalls selling china, blankets, sixties items and clothes something for every taste was on offer.

It was a wonderful way to spend a beautiful Spring day!

I am now off to my stitching, I have to finish two projects today. So I will grab my two baskets and settle in my favourite chair for hand stitching and embroidery....

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!


  1. That's such a lovely post, you've captured the fair perfectly. It was great to see you again and I'm so glad my bundles are going to be part of one of your projects! Jane xx

  2. Thank you Jane! It was so lovely to see you and have a chance for a chat... X

  3. My daughter lives in BoA Sarah ;) it's a lovely town. I used to do an antiques fair once a month there about 10 years ago in St Margaret's Hall, but gave it up when we moved over the border to Somerset and time got the better of me. Sadly didn't have time to come over for this one, but hope to come next time!

    1. It is a shame you didn't get there, what a lovely surprise that would have been.... Hope to catch up and see you very soon.x

  4. A lovely blogpost Sarah. Not surprised that you had to buy one of Emma's fab bags..I was looking at them longingly all day on Saturday at the Cotswolds Fair! xx

    1. Oh the bags! one had to come home with me... Do you know how much you can get in one of those!! :))