Thursday 19 March 2015

A collection I am working on .... based on The Threads of feeling!

'Go gentle babe' Thy future hours be spent in virtuous purity
and calm content.  Life's sunshine bless thee and no anxious care
sit on thy brow and draw a falling tear!

extract from Philip Holland.

I have been so moved by this subject that I am doing some pieces based on the foundling threads. I have gathered together some antique baby clothes of different varieties and scraps of embroidery and ribbons from the same era as the clothes and making collages with them and included hand embroidered poems and sayings......

I am then going to get them framed.  I have been buying a few choice very old baby garments from the Victorian, Edwardian and to 1930's eras and this all seems to be coming together really nicely.

They will all be pinned to vintage linens and displayed for people to look at....  

I am having some fun hunting down tiny little garments such as baby gowns, hats and bibs for this project!

Some of the tiny embroidered details on these items is outstanding.  The tiny bib that I have purchased ( shown in the top right of the above photo) has the tiniest button that surely was ever made to fasten this work of art around a young ones neck! and the wee white embroidery looks like it was stitched by a mouse!

The picture above on the left is of a 1930 little dress and really has come up beautifully after a gentle hand wash and press.  I am about to wash some much older items ( very carefully as two pieces are about 120 years old!  wish me luck!!

Anyway I am away to my washing duties and then when they are safely drying on the airier I will be back to my hand embroidery in my favourite chair.....

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!

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