Monday 9 March 2015

The wonderful Vintage Bazaar fair ..... read all about it!

I love history, everything is inspired by history
so that's why I love antiques and vintage.

So when Saturday came it was all excitement here for me.  Up and washed and dressed very early and straight to my blog... You see even in my eagerness to get on the road to Devizes and in that queue when the doors opened I still leave you all with the stitch of the week and something to read!

The vintage bazaar events are one of the best and really not to be missed if possible.  I am very lucky at weekends if there is a vintage fair I really would like to go to, no matter how fair (Scotland might be a push mind) my husband is eager for me to attend and happily drives me there and takes an interest in what I am looking for, which means I have another pair of eyes on the lookout for what is on my list and sometimes not but he knows it is something I might like personally for our home, he comes and finds me and directs me to the appropriate stall.  

I know lots of the stall holders by name now and they tend to know what I will be looking for.  I can arrive at a stall and the stall holder will say ' Sarah over on that stall there is paisleys, hurry over then come back!' so you see I have a slight reputation for antique paisley eiderdown fabrics!!

Well Saturday at the Vintage Bazaar was no exception the stalls were all set out and the doors opened at 9.30am, there was a queue forming outside and it was lovely to see people with purses at the ready and shopping bags over their arms.  The VB is a big event in Devizes and has a great following especially with people who not only love vintage but live it too.

 There were some people who were all dressed the part and one lady lives and dresses like it all the time.  This was not dress up for her but to be able to add to her wardrobe.

The two gentlemen in the photo were very dapper and dressed impeccably it was so lovely to see.
Donna Flower Stall
 They had stopped of at the lovely Donna Flowers stall and were both purchasing clothes for themselves.  Donna also has a shop in Barnstaple which hold both ladies and gents clothes including accessories as well.  In addition Donna sells antique fabrics and haberdashery in her shop as well, it is a place I could happily live in!

There was so much choice on offer.  There were toys, china, books, fabrics, buttons, threads, monograms and tiny bits of lace and stunning collars as well as small bits of furniture, quilts, eiderdowns and clothes and hats.

Everywhere you looked there was something wonderful on offer for the eager vintage lover.  The other thing that I must say about this event is that everybody takes care with their stall.  Each one is set out with such beauty and they all look so inviting....

The vintage bazaar is organised, run and marketed by two lovely ladies, Liz and Clare.  They both have have stalls there and attend lots of other vintage fairs.
 The lovely Clare also makes wonderful 1920 Cloche hats and I myself bought one last year and it is the
most beautiful wine coloured felt one.  The pictures on the left are of Clare's stall.

The lovely Liz who not only co runs and sorts all of the vintage bazaar events but travels the length and breadth of this country and attends vintage fair nearly every week.  She and her husband Jack run the washerwoman and vintage French linens business.
Liz and Jacks stall.
 There is always stunning goodies on show to tempt you.  This Saturday I bought some gorgeous fabrics from her beautiful stall..

Also at Devizes were Cowboys and Custard selling vintage toys and games.  Jane the book lady was there with wonderful books to tempt you with along with inspiration craft packs that she had made from old books and pictures that no longer could be used for purpose but great broken up for crafters of paper.

Cowboys and Custard.

I met for the very first time two ladies who are pictured at the top of this blog dressed in forties dresses.  Rachel (in the blue dress) owns Top Tottie Vintage and Simone (pictured in the burnt orange dress) owns The wardrobe mistress.  There were lots of people at this stall as they had 1940's hats, gloves, clothes and so much more!
Also attending the VB were Laura and
Phil with their wonderful selection of
ART DECO ... Do not forget that they
themselves are hosting a vintage fair called
Vintage at the Village on
26th April .....

Vintage to Victorian was there with her beautiful stall of goodies and this is one I can never pass by. Welsh blankets, silks, monograms, buttons, eiderdown fabrics, antique quilts, tiny children's sewing baskets and oh so much more.....
Vintage to Victorian stall on the bottom right.  Donna Flowers on
top left and then the Little Wren Vintage stall are the other two photos
with so much to choose from.  Emma's displays are
stunning and people flock around to look.

Vintage china to tempt all......

Elaine was there with a stall brimming with goodies.... This is the lady who
organises vintage at the village fairs...  Next one is in Blandford on 27th April.
The Old Home Stall....

I bought some lovely pieces, some for my personal collection and lots for my business.  Devizes its self is a beautifully historical town and has super cafe's and restaurants, shops ( not just high street names but small independent ones as well)

There is a beautiful square in the middle of the town and trees and church.  You could never be bored there.  We in fact did not leave until 8.30pm as we had dinner with friends after the fair.

If you can get to a vintage bazaar, I highly recommend it.  The next one is in Frome on the 18th April and is on my calender ... This wonderful, well organised event is a NOT TO MISSED occasion!

Happy Stitching!


  1. it was lovely to see you again Sarah

    1. You too Elaine, it was a great event. Looking forward to your fair in Blandford... see you there lovely lady x

  2. I was so pleased to see you Sarah. It's lovely to see your photos too. I was really busy and didn't take many of the other beautiful stalls.

    1. It was lovely to meet up again Jane. I love my stack of books and three inspiration packs I bought from you.
      When is your next fair? Are you doing the Blandford one April?

      Sarah x

  3. Thank you so much for a splendid write-up! Have a fab week xxx

  4. Thank you VB ... It was a great fair as always. xx