Tuesday 3 February 2015

The language of flowers.

The earth laughs in flowers.

I am looking at meanings of flowers for a project that I am designing.  All flowers have a meaning and I want what I am doing to be beautiful and serene so before I embroider any or indeed decide on what ones to embroider I bought a book on flower meanings..

Here are some examples for you to ponder over!

Hollyhock .... ambition
Peony .... anger
cactus .... ardent love ( who knew!)
white hyacinth ... beauty
poinsettia ... be of good cheer
snow drop ... consolation
blue bell ....constancy
Gerbera .... cheerfulness
Sweet pea .... delicate pleasures
Tulip .... declaration of love
Hydrangea ..... dispassion
Blackberry .... envy
Crab apple blossom .... ill-tempered!
Lavender .. mistrust

And so it goes on.  So I am choosing very carefully which flowers that will embroider on my project.
So wish me luck on my choices.  The book that I have bought is actually called The language of flowers and it is written by Mandy Kirby.
It is a very lovely book and has little poems inside as well for some of the flowers.

Forget me not.

That blue and bright eyed flow'ret  of the brook,
Hope's gentle gem, the sweet forget me not.


So I am away to my stitchery room to research which flowers I would like to stitch but won't because of the meaning!

Happy Stitching!

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